10 things to focus on when building MLM marketing online

Top names in MLM marketing online agree with the 10 things published in this article. Read them and learn how they make 6 income figure.

Building MLM marketing online is the simply thing if it is done in the right way. The distributors who say that it doesn’t work don’t know how the system works.


Let us now go straight to the 10 things to focus on when building MLM marketing online

# Focus on writing good content.

Writing is a skill which is not mastered in one day. It is a gradual process. It is not about knowing English properly though it is necessary, but it is about focusing on writing things which are educative.

When I had just started writing my blog posts, I used to straggle a lot with choosing words, but because of the constant practice, i am improving. I am a slow writer but, I end up writing a blog post.

Writing helps you get visitors on a daily basis which makes you get clients for your MLM marketing online products and also prospects to join your business

# Focus on coaching.

Coaching is something important in MLM marketing online. It gives you a chance to attract people online to work with you. I have a number of people who want to work with me just because I coach people internet marketing in relation to network marketing.

Naturally when people get to know that you know something, they come closer to you so that they can learn how to do it as well. Therefore, learn to coach your downlines and your prospects for good results.

# Focus on mastering the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

However good your content could be as long as you do not have people to read it to buy your products and also sponsor new downlines, that content will be useless. You have to focus on driving traffics to your mlm website/ blog for people to see an opportunity you are offering.

# Focus on understanding people skills.

It is people skills that make all internet marketers rich. You have them; you have a great asset to use for your business to grow. Knowing people skills is easy, it is just a matter of appreciating what people do, recognizing them whenever it is necessary, not blaming them, looking at their strength not their weaknesses and very many other things.

That way, you will grow because we work with very many people round the world with different behaviors.

# Focus on maximizing internet marketing strategies.

There are very many internet marketing strategies put in place to help everyone succeed in mlm internet marketing. You have to take time and look at them critically to see the ones you need to apply in your mlm internet marketing business.

# Focus on Traffic handling

It is a must to focus on organizing your traffics which you get on your mlm blog/website. Doing this simply means creating groups among your visitors who give you their contacts to know which people to follow up, which people are more interested in joining your business so that you can communicate to them appropriately.

# focus on follow up.

All successful MLM marketing online marketers have a system they use to follow up the people who intend to buy their products and also join their teams. You have as well to sit down and see which system you can use to follow up your prospects online to sponsor new people and also sell products.

# Focus on learning your products

Many online mlm business builders do not know exactly the uses and effects of the products they are dealing in. they just do some little research about their products and start writing about them.

You have to do enough research before you start writing about the products. This will give you a chance to sell more products online and make more money.

# Focus on learning video marketing.

Video marketing is a very interesting online marketing strategy. This is because not everyone is interested in reading whatever information is posted on an mlm blog / website. There are some people who can sit down for a whole day just to watch videos without getting tired. Take time and learn it as well.

Final note on building MLM marketing online

Of course we usually say that building MLM marketing online is for everyone, but the fact is that, it is not for everyone. There people who never take time to prioritize on a few things needed to build a long lasting business online.

The technique is very simple, it is about focusing on achieving your MLM marketing online goals daily and success comes, but few people can do this, they rather go around knocking on people’s doors asking them to join their businesses and also buy their products yet with online approach, people look for instead of you looking for hem by just focusing on exposing your network marketing blog/website worldwide.

Doing MLM marketing online using marketing strategies is something interesting, some people try it for few months and end up quitting it while others persist until they master a fortune out of it. The logic behind this is very easy, many people end up focusing on other things rather than focusing on the things that can help them build a long lasting network marketing business online.




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Networking tips to improve your GNLD business activities

GNLDA number of daily activities have to be done daily for success to be realized in GNLD otherwise, someone is likely to spend 20 years working hard building a GNLD business and nothing will be reached.

Very many networking tips have been written about by the different authors in different industries, but these tips we are about to reveal are unique in the way that; they have helped top earners in network marketing business improve their prospecting habits so, take your time and understand them.

The following are the networking tips to improve prospecting activities in GNLD

# Spend time in places where very many people meet

For anyone to find trees, he has to go to the forest. This tells us well where to find people to talk to about our network marketing opportunities and products as well. Prospects are everywhere only that some distributors never go to places where these people spend their time.


It is impossible if not possible to recruit someone into network marketing and also to sell to someone you have never met either online or offline.

Even the distributors doing network marketing online also first meet prospects to expose their businesses to them by generating leads, follow them up and make them convert into either buyers or distributors.

Among all the networking tips, meeting people is the easiest because on average everyone meets at least five new people a day. This means that people are everywhere only that we do not know the skill of introducing our business to them.

# Build relationship with new people

Building relationship is the key to prospecting in network marketing because people sometimes join fellow friends. You also know very many people you talked to about your business and they never joined but when their friend talked to them, they joined them.

This should give you a clear reason as to why you have to build relationships. All you have to do positioning yourself in a leadership position because almost everyone wants to spend his time with a leader.

The simplest way to do it is using a name list; it is a book used by people building network marketing offline to add names and other contact details of strangers they meet, make them their friends and eventually introduce a business opportunity to them.

For the case of the distributors doing network marketing online, it is through follow up that they build relationships with the prospects to recruit them and also sell to them.

It calls great attention and skill to do effective follow up because the moment you send a wrong message to the leads, the whole relationship building process is spoiled so, you have to learn to communicate to build relationship.

# Provide free services to people they will work with you

This is one of networking tips veterans use in the process of prospecting. They start up different supporting centers to whoever is in network marketing business but in actual sense, they want to bring different people close to them to introduce their business opportunity.

You too can do this, study the weakness of people and be the one to provide the solution I guarantee you people will come close to you and that is prospecting.

The reason for offering free online network marketing training at S2 is because of networking. It gives us a chance to interact with different people from different network marketing companies which easies our prospecting process.

If you have a capacity to write a free ebook do so. You will be offering a free service but the returns are spontaneous. First of all people will think that you are the only one who can help them grow in the business so, they will join your business.

# Attend different events both online and offline

Do not forget we are looking at networking tips to make prospecting easy and here is another wonderful tip; attending different events both online and offline.

Attending events is a guarantee to meet new people and when you get their details, prospecting can begin there. Take time and think about a attending a business forum teaching people how to eradicate poverty! Wow

In this event, 90% of the people will be there to look for solutions to improve their earnings. Of course not all events will help you get good target prospects but if you attend those ones related to making money and the ones related to exhibiting products, you will sell.

# Work on your attitude

Negative people attract negative people and for you to network with others who you think can join and change your business you need to be positive.

Attitude is a key for everything in every business. Sometimes you have to just understand people for you to be with them otherwise trying to force them to change into what you want them will not be possible.

People who are patient with others find prospecting very simple because they never criticize what others do and for your network to grow, you need to avoid two things;

  • Blaming

All human beings do mistakes but a number of them do not want to be blamed. You will have sometimes to pretend that you have not seen something wrong someone has done. That will make people be close top you all the time and your network will grow thus simple prospecting.

  • Criticizing

Not all wrong things done need comments. For you to network well, you need to reserve your comments on very many occasions.

# Prove on social media that you know something

Social media is not there for you to post twaddle and useless content. When they say post your feeling they want to see the level of your IQ. In fact, what we post on social media reflects who we are.

Using social media is one of the untapped networking tips that can help you prospect endless prospects who are looking for opportunities, but for these people to believe in you, you need to prove that you can add value to them.

All you need to always post educative materials on these platform to make people think that you can help them out with their problems.

The beauty about blogging is that they have a provision for posting on various social media at once and this is done in the process of publishing a blog post.

So, educate the world you will network with others on social media.

# Work on yourself to attract people

People do not want to associate with armatures. So, for you to influence and network with others, you have to work on yourself.

Working on yourself means seeking for knowledge about network marketing and other things related to the same industry. If you were a recruiting expert, I guarantee you everyone would be close to you because that is the challenge people are facing.

Make sure you read something about network marketing on a daily basis for you to work on yourself you will attract other people.

Final note on Networking tips to improve your prospecting activity

Network marketing is a people business and if you are not ready to network with people, forget success in this business. The good thing is that the tips to help you network with others have been shared in today’s article so, your work now is to take action on the things we have seen.



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The final word your GNLD leads need to take action

gnld leadsMany people in GNLD business aim at generating leads but they do not focus on conversion yet the point is not how many leads you generate but how many people take action to join your business.

It is necessary to take time and learn how to work with GNLD leads otherwise, time will be wasted generating them and nothing much will be done. As a network marketing business builder, learning how to handle leads is a must because it is leads generation and handling results into success in network marketing business.

The final word your GNLD leads need to take action is explaining the benefits they will get when they join the business.

The problem with network marketing business builder is that they focus much on explaining the compensation plan. This is okay, but the prospects do not join the business because of a compensation plan instead they join because they see them selves achieving their dreams from the business.

Reasons why GNLD prospects want to know the benefits not the compensation plan;

Many prospects have financial challenges

Much as people join network marketing business for different reasons, financial benefit rank number one on the list. People are doing badly financially and when they get someone who can address their financial challenges, they take immediate action.

Someone who is looking for what to do to earn a living will never get time to understand the compensation plan, but all he/she wants to hear is the amount of money the compensation plan pays to distributors.


If you realize that most of the leads you have generated are interested in money, explain the financial bit of the compensation plan they will take action without having to think about the negative effects of the business they are joining.

No prospect can understand the compensation plan the first time he/she come across it

Did you know that it takes years for some distributors to understand the whole compensation plan of the network marketing company they are in partnership with? If you think it is a lie, try assessing your downlines you will see what we are talking about.

If distributors do not understand the compensation plan how do you expect the prospects to understand it? Focus on explaining the benefits the prospects will be moved in fact sometimes amidst a network marketing presentation prospects leave the meeting because of not understanding what the presenter is presenting. Be clear while presenting you will win the prospects.

Final note on GNLD leads generation

Leads is part of equation of success in network marketing but it involves generating them and talking to them to take action. Having very many leads without making them take action is useless.




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Before you change from GNLD business to another MLM company do these things

gGNLD businessBecause some GNLD distributors do not know the kind of gold they have, they keep looking for other network marketing companies and they end up quitting GNLD business.

GNLD business will never be a problem because for almost 60 years, people have used the same opportunity to realize their dreams which means that if you are not succeeding, the problem is with you.

MLM companies are many and almost every day a new one come up, but the issue is not about the number of these companies but the number of people who have succeeded in these companies and how long have they been successful.


In most cases changing from the GNLD business to other MLM companies is not the solution but it is about realizing where you go wrong and make sure that you get knowledge to improve the way you do your business rather than looking for another company because if your challenge is sponsoring, no one will sponsor for you in the new MLM company you have joined.

Another point to put into considerations is that MLM companies are also in business and they are not charitable organizations to just give away money to whoever applies for it so, you have to first qualify to earn some money from these companies and changing from GNLD business to other MLM companies will not change this fact.

Almost all MLM companies which have built credibility have great opportunities and in most cases the people who quit are the ones who have issues. The category of people who change companies claim that they are looking for simple compensation plans, but if you want a simple one, it is better you start up your company otherwise you will never find a simple plan.

The following are some of the things you should do before leaving GNLD business to join another MLM company to join it.

Explain to your GNLD team what you want to do and if they agree, do it

One of the most unfortunate things is quitting an GNLD business when you have not told the people you brought in the business about it. Take time and think about your upline who introduced you in the business; if they told you that your upline joined another company how would you feel? Of course you would think that he showed you a wrong opportunity. This is the same thing that happen to the downlines you brought in the business when you change the company.

Talk to your clients who have been buying your GNLD products

Always remember that your clients are wise and they know the kind of products/services and your brand you are dealing in and it may take you time to convince them to buy the products of another MLM company you have joined. To handle this issue, always alert your clients before making the decision of changing the company.

Study MLM to find out whether you are the challenge to your business

I have seen very many people who quit one company to join another company due to failure to understand how the business works. MLM is a life time business not a get rich quick scheme so, understand the concept very well and never try to think that delay in success means failure in this industry.

Revise the GNLD compensation plan

Some times people think that their MLM compensation plans are hard yet it is them who don’t understand exactly how it works. Make sure that your plan is on your fingertips because you also have to explain it to your downlines and understanding it very well will give you courage to plan on how to penetrate instead of just changing the company.

Final thought about changing from GNLD business

I wouldn’t recommend changing an MLM company because the company you are quitting has whatever you are looking for into other companies. Just start building your MLM business online you will get what you want out of MLM business



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Never own a GNLD website before making this strategy

gnld websiteAll GNLD distributors have two goals; recruiting and selling and they are looking for all possible ways and tricks to get prospects to sell and also recruit on a daily basis. The problem is that, majority of the distributors waste a lot of time offline chasing prospects who are not totally interested, yet there are prospects online who are looking for an opportunity and the GNLD products.

The only requirement to get these prospects is by having a personal GNLD website because it works as an address where people who need your services can get you.

GNLD website is one of the tools any GNLD business builder needs to build a business successfully in a very short period of time. The most unfortunate thing is that, many GNLD distributors just bump into hosting the website without knowing exactly what it takes to get prospects on their web pages.

Having a GNLDwebsite is not enough because a website is not a human being to do everything on your behalf, but it helps you get all the prospects majority of people are looking for to sponsor into their businesses.


Majority of the GNLD distributors now are transforming now to start doing their businesses online by having MLM websites though they don’t plan on how to effectively use this tool so that prospects can ask them to sponsor them into their businesses.

Multi-level marketing tips for the GNLD business are known by the majority of the GNLD distributors, but there are unique tips which are known exclusively by the legends though sometimes they never share these tips with others because they always want to be at the top.

Here is the strategy to make before owning a GNLD website

Write down the hours you will spend on the website daily

MLM website is like any other marketing equipment which requires proper planning  otherwise; it will never work if not planned well. The problem comes when network marketing business builders think that owning an MLM website = success. Well, to certain extent this is right but there are very many things to be done for this equation to be right.

A GNLD website requires time for it to fetch the kind of results an MLM business builder wants to get. When the website is still in its initial stage, it requires the web master to monitor it closely to see where to change for it to work perfectly.

Time spent on the MLM website is a very important factor in online MLM success because the more time you spend working on the site the more you identify mistakes and that is how you fix them.

Define the kind of visitors you want to land on your WebPages

It is so unfortunate that there are very many web maters that are not sure which visitors they are targeting. This is the first step to failure because you will never reach to a destination you don’t know.

Billions of people visit internet every minute, but you don’t need all these people. The only people you need are those looking for what you are selling and those who want to join an opportunity that can change their lives.

Get an expert to design for you an MLM website

The fact will always remain the fact; you cannot perfect a website like someone who has been building websites for quite sometime. There are some technical things in the process of building a website which you might not manage.

It is not good to just get a web builder to build for you an MLM website, but if you are aiming at building an MLM website, look for that person who has experience in building MLM websites because he knows where people click the most in most cases when they land on websites. Get an MLM website at $100 now.

Choose the best internet marketing course

It will be hard for you to run an MLM business online if you don’t know what exactly you are doing. This calls for choosing the best internet marketing course for you to learn internet marketing otherwise it can be a hard industry if you don’t know what you are doing.


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Five tips for building a GNLD business online

Everyone has got the capacity to build a GNLD business online only that some GNLD business builders never take time to study different internet marketing approaches to learn how the system work.  The mere fact that there is someone who has succeeded in an industry, it means that you too can make in the same industry.

GNLD business

One of the industries I have found very easy to build in a business is internet because almost everyone is willing to give you support. For that matter, if you have a GNLD business you are building, just go online. You will get a mentor to help you make it in this kind of industry. There are very many free online trainings where people go to get all the tips they need to build their businesses online.


In today’s article, the internet marketing tips we are talking about have been tested over a given period of time and they are very effective because they have not been used by only one person but very many people have tested them and they have registered massive results and if you stick to them, you will build a long last GNLD business online.

You don’t have to create a new system for you to succeed, but just look for those who have done it before and ask them to guide you on how they have made it. This way, you will not spend much of the time testing different things which are wrong. Many of us have learned internet marketing through try and error methods that is why it took us a longer time to starting making some good money in online GNLD business.

Reasons you will never build a successful GNLD business online

  • If you practice copying and pasting
  • If you don’t get a person website
  • If you don’t target the right audience
  • If you don’t generate traffic

Five tips for building GNLD business online

Write, write and write unique content

One of the ways to position a GNLD business online in the right place is through writing. The more you write unique and fresh content, the more people give you business because they will realize that you are the right person to give business. People who have little content on their websites find it hard to convince clients to take action because little content doesn’t show that the web master is serious at all. You have to explain what you are dealing thoroughly so that people say YES you are the best in the industry.

Offer free services online

This is another great tip for building a successful GNLD business online. People want to be supported freely of charge and when you do so, they choose to work with you and buy from you. In doing this, just master at least one internet marketing skill like SEO, web design and other and start helping others. The people you help will in the end work with you because they will look at you as someone who adds value to them.

Don’t force people to buy what you sell online instead help them solve their problems

I have noticed that many people who sell different things online pressurize prospects to buy from them. A GNLD business is not built like that, you have to set the system and the prospects make their own decisions without your influence. Forcing people to buy from you by sending them unnecessary mails will just spoil your relationship with the people who in the long run would be some of the best clients for your products.

Build back links

Now  days all top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others consider back links as one way of choosing which one is the most popular site and which one is not. For that matter, you have to always to take time to build more back links so that the top search engines can like you and you become popular for proper ranking.

Here is how you can build very many back links

  • Comment on other peoples’ blogs
  • Post in classifieds
  • Write guest posts
  • Invite people to connect to your website/blog

Maximize youtube

The people who are not willing to read the content you publish on your web pages can watch your videos. You have to learn to record videos explaining your GNLD business because this is the best way to target the people who don’t want to read.

Final note

Unless you don’t have a personal website, but if you have one, it is the first step toward success online. All the things we have discussed are possible by having a personal website.


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Unless you know the following multi-level marketing tips that is when you will make it in GNLD

Multi-level marketing tips for the GNLD business are known by the majority of the GNLD distributors, but there are unique tips which are known exclusively by the legends though sometimes they never share these tips with others because they always want to be at the top.

multi-level marketing tipsAll uplines in GNLD business are leaders in multi-level marketing and for that matter, they are expected to be knowing very many multi-level marketing tips because it is the only way they can support the people they recruit in multi-level marketing business.

Reading is part of success in GNLD business and if you take off some time to read articles like this on the internet you qualify to be a leader in the industry. You have to study all multi-level marketing tips and become the master in the industry otherwise you  will teach everything to your downlines and you will not be knowing what to teach them next, but if you read, you learn new things

Multi-level marketing tips you have to know for success to be realized in GNLD business

How to hide the really GNLD compensation plan when presenting to prospects

It is an experiment we have done when researching about multi-level marketing tips and we have realized that on many occasions if the prospects get to know the real compensation plan they don’t join because there is no compensation plan that is easy to understand. We are not saying that you accept our results from our experiment, but we are saying that also do the same experiment you will draw the conclusion.

Drawing circles for the prospect is one of the ways of confusing them because they will never understand the levels/steps you are talking about and am very sure you also never understood the compensation plan the day you joined your network marketing company.

The technical way to hide the real compensation plan when presenting to the prospects is focusing on explaining the benefits of the business to the prospect but not showing him the actual way how to move from one level to another otherwise, you will lose the prospect.

The art of getting GNLD prospects online without paying anyone to run ads

We shared this as one of the multi-level marketing tips in our previous article and bringing it back is not a mistake. Unless you learn how it works, that is when you will succeed without having to spend a lot of money building the business online.

In the process of implementing this multi-level marketing tip all you need is a website because it is really hard for prospects to trust you and believe in whatever you are saying if you don’t have an address where they can find you and that address is the website.

When you use the different ways to get prospects without paying to run ads and prospects land on your web, there is something that gets in their mind most especialy if the website has enough content. They see you as a very serious person and in the end they choose to work with you and also buy from you.

Training other GNLD distributors all multi-level marketing tips you know

This is one of the multi-level marketing tips which seem to be very obvious and applicable almost to every business builders but to prove that people don’t do it first ask yourself the percentage of knowledge you have given to your downlines is 50% of what you know. You realize that we don’t give the downlines enough knowledge yet we know a lot.

Downlines are like children, they are very eager to learn since the kind of industry they have joined is new to them so, unless you train them whatever you know, that is when you will qualify to be the best multi-level marketing leader this industry has produced.

Make GNLD prospects use the products before they join

Sometimes to maximize multi-level marketing tips requires just smartness. In most cases the prospects who want to join are willing to use the products you are dealing in only that you don’t ask them to buy them.

This multi-level marketing tip is only applicable to those people in partnership with companies with unique and good products. If you risk and give poor or bad products to a prospect before he/she joins, just forget that one because they will think that they cannot sell those products.

Writing proposals to companies and organizations to supply them products

When I was still doing my business offline, this was one of my multi-level marketing tips that really fetched for me results. It seriously works because we have a product used in farming so I would write to big farms, meet them, demonstrate to them how the product works and then sealed the deal.

Sometimes you don’t have to be a genius to make sales, but just creativity works. I guarantee you all companies and organizations are willing to receive supply proposals but the sales people in multi-level marketing  don’t know even how to write the supply proposal. You have to be intelligent if you are to succeed and write the proposal to start supplying products/services

Final note

Knowing alone these multi-level marketing tips is not enough like the way the title of this article reads, but you have to get on your feet and take action to start generating results you are looking for.



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