Gnld is not a scam.

gnld logoBusiness means transaction of goods, or services.  Many companies have hidden in an image of network marketing business, but they don’t have any product or service they are dealing in.  This automatically means such companies are pyramid scheme. They use other people to make money.  Gnld is not about that, it has  products in 5 ranges, and it values people so much, that is why people is gnld’s second core value.

Looking at gnld’s history, it has been a real business.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t have stood the test of time it has stood. One of the reasons as to why companies close before making five years in business is because of dishonest , and dealing in people instead of products or services.

No one can deceive people in over 50 countries, however good someone could be at deceiving, it cannot happen. Gnld has been operating in so many countries for so many years, and people are still enjoying its benefits. Whatever Gnld promises, it delivers, for instance there is a percentage for every product depending on the number of points generated per month. Ever since I joined Gnld in 2010, I have not heard someone complaining that he did get the commission he was supposed to get.

Gnld has offices allover the world. These offices also have warehouses on them where products are stored. All scam companies don’t have permanent locations.  They keep changing because they don’t want  people to go to them complaining about what went wrong. Having an office is important in business, it builds trust among the people you are dealing with.

Gnld’s cheques are real. There is no way you can issue out fake cheques to different people in different countries for over 55 years. It is impossible, you can do it once, and they get you. On that note, Gnld’s cheques are signed by the CEO of the company called Roget Uys who lives in US. It is done like that still to emphasize the point of honest.

In Gnld, registration fee does what it is supposed to do. Most people who want to register with Gnld online always get scared thinking that, they will not get what they are paying for, but looking at the registration form critically, you have to fill in the address where your kit and starting products will be delivered.

Its Gnld’s policy to council out any distributor who is not honest in the business. Once you are guilty about any dishonest case, the company automatically councils your membership. We don’t recruit mafias, but we recruit business builders.

In conclusion about this topic, Gnld is about doing what you are supposed to do and get what you are supposed to get. No one will cheat one another.

About sonkohassan

am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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