GNLD has the best Executive Team


We all believe that success in network marketing or Multi-Level marketing entirely depends on the level of leadership. This means you have to join a company with good leaders with all qualities like honest, high level of personal growth, knowledgable, and others. That is exactly what Gnld is a bout. We have people who haave been in the network marketing industry for so many years. This shows experience, and competence. The list goes as follow.

To start with is Jerry Brassfield


This is the gentle man who founded the Gnld opportunity in 1954, US California. He got an idea after suffering from asthma. When he used some the nutritional supplements, he got better, and he was impressed with the supplements. That is how he got an Idea of starting the network marketing company to save lives of people. Jerry currently serves as Chairman of the Board for GNLD, Jerry also serves on the boards of Shakey’s USA, Auto Focus Inc, and Brassfield Estate Winery

Roget Uys, President


He studied from the University of South Africa and he graduated with a degree in Economics, Business Psychology, and Marketing, Roget Uys began his career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Roget went on to head the largest advertising agency in South Africa and then, in 1989, made the decision to join GNLD. In 2005, Roget earned the title of President and has since been responsible for the growth of our business by working with sales leaders and distributors around the world. An avid sports enthusiast, Roget has enjoyed competing in the Comrades Marathon for ten consecutive years and has completed four Iron Man Triathlons.

Kevin Fox, Chief Operating Officer


Kevin Fox has extensive professional experience in the areas of accounting, finance, and operations. With a BSBA degree in Accounting from Central University in Michigan, Kevin began his career as a certified CPA. He began working for GNLD in 1999 and became Vice President of Operations in 2006. As Chief Operating Officer, Kevin oversees all aspects of the company’s global operations and financial activities. He also serves as the CFO of a $400 million automobile dealership company founded by Jerry Brassfield.

Anjana Srivastava, Executive Vice President, Product, Science & Technology


Anjana Srivastava brings academic and professional credentials to the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board. She has a B.S. degree in Life Sciences, an M.S. in Botany, and an MBA with specialization in Marketing – all from premier universities in India. After starting her career in the pharmaceutical industry, Anjana decided to make the transition from the “sickness” industry to the “wellness” industry. With about 20 years of experience in the Health and Wellness industry, she has conceptualized and directed research & development, clinical study design, as well as marketing initiatives for a wide range of pioneering products.

George Casale, Executive Vice President of Sales


George Casale attended St. John’s University in New York on a full scholarship for track and field, where he competed both nationally and internationally. He graduated with a B.A. in Education and went on to become a Social Studies teacher and track and field coach for High School. George joined GNLD as a distributor in 1971, where he achieved notable success throughout the U.S. and Italy. He later became President of the company in Sweden, which he expanded to Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Estonia. As Executive Vice President of Sales, George works with sales leaders and distributors around the world to ensure our vision and strategy are carried out in the field. George’s background as a distributor has given him the ability to keep in touch with

With the executive team above, I believe, whoever joins GNLD has the chances achieving his dreams and goals.

Join GNLD today for a better future

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  5. Akujuobi Iheanyi says:

    I love Gnld, and am just a new distributor. Please train me more on how to go about my products and prospecting.


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