Gnld’s marketing compensation plan


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Though there are so many reasons as to why people join network marketing business / mlm business, the truth is 90% of people join to make some additional income. This is exactly what GNLD international is all about. Looking at GNLD international as a company, they try as much as they can to make their marketing / compensation plan, clear and simple for everyone to benefit from the opportunity. Because of that, that is why GNLD products are very easy to sell since their in many ranges for everyone to make additional income.

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In other network marketing companies which are not GNLD international, the owners of the company make the distributors who joined first to earn from the registration fee of those that join later. This is not fair because, no one wants to work for another people to make them rich.

GNLD international still gives people a chance to pass those in their uplines if they are not involved in the activity of building their business. This shows how fair the compensation plan of GNLD international is. If someone is not willing to earn from their efforts, let others who are willing do it, even if they are their upline.

On addition to the above, there is still a standard of points value every GNLD international distributor has to accumulate every month to qualify to earn a cheque. All this is to show how GNLD opportunity ensures honest and integrity.

When building a business with GNLD international, time comes when you qualify to get leadership development bonus(LDB). This bonus is to thank you for the effort you have put in to make sure that your downlines also earn some good money. You can only earn this money after helping your downlines make money.

Traveling is part of the compensation plan of GNLD international. This gives a chance to GNLD distributors / members to have a life style. Traveling is good to expand people’s minds, that is why the marketing plan of GNLD put it into consideration.

The following are the steps in GNLD international compensation plan


  1. distributor
  2. manager
  3. senior manager
  4. director
  5. sphere director
  6. ruby director
  7. presidents team member
  8. diamond director

these are the levels we have in GNLD, but there is no limit to how much someone can earn in GNLD international.

Not in GNLD international, before you earn, the person you have sponsored has to first earn

join GNLD international to make additional income. It has the best compensation plan ever.

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6 Responses to Gnld’s marketing compensation plan

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  2. unami japhta mlandu says:

    Gnld is d best for me


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  5. Chukwuemeka Jonathan Ekelaka says:

    GNLD Int’l is the best of al MLM companies. It is ”simply the best”. The father of all other MLM companies. GNLD can never fail anyone. You are the one that can fail yourself. Do your part and see if GNLD won’t do Hers.


  6. Diamond Akinola Stephen says:

    Gnld Is The Best Of Network Any Body That Quit Has Ruin His Life In Gnld We Av The Marketing Plan Nt Like Oder Network


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