Gnld’s super gro (a wonder drop)

super gro


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Gnld international is a company which has products that are needed in day today life. Of these products, there is an agricultural product called super gro. There are so many people outside there who have used super gro in their farms, and they believe it is the best product to spray on the crops.


NOTE: GNLD’S super gro is not a fertilizer like what most people think. It does not increase nitrogen for the plants to grow at a very high speed like what other fertilizers do. What super gro does is, it goes down in the soil and breaks down the hard pan which stops the roots from getting nutrients from the soil properly. That is the main work of super gro. That is why it works properly when mixed with other fertilizers whose work is to increase nitrogen in the soil.

Super gro has gotten different functions and some of them are.

  • Gnld’s super gro is an makes water weter. This is helpful in breaking down the surface tension so that water can be used properly by the plant.
  • Super gro helps other fertilizes to work properly. Gnld scientific advisory board (SAB) makes sure that, they make super gro dynamic so that it can be mixed up with other fertilizers for them to work properly.
  • Super gro works as a sticker. This is very important because it protects the plants from getting direct sun rise since there is a layer left by super gro. Because of this, the plants will be green all the time even during sunny seasons.
  • Super gro helps in increasing the yields. All farmers dreams is to one day maximize yields from their farms. The most unfortunate thing is that, some die before seeing it coming to pass. GNLD super gro is here to be used with other fertilizers to help you achieve that.
  • Super gro helps in increasing the size of the berry. Harvesting good quality food is very important, it does not only help you to get good market, but it also help you to sell at a much higher price

find out more about Super gro by following this link

If you love farming, you can join GNLD international to start using super gro at a much lower price. Alternatively, you can choose to buy from the company online, you will get it where you are.

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36 Responses to Gnld’s super gro (a wonder drop)

  1. Aguguo Henry says:

    This is A New product from GNLD COMPANY (Super Gro Fertilizer) that makes the Crop/Plants to grow very fast and not harmful in Nature. GNLD Crop products are made from Nature and its very effective. They are suitable for all Crop Farming.
    * It increases plant yield.
    * It act as welting agent by increasing the rate at which water enters the soil.
    * It promotes fertility, Reduce run-off and evaporation.
    * Highly concentrated & economical product, A little drops goes a very long way.
    *It is Bio-degraded, not harmful, non-toxic, non-flammable.
    * A sticker, It has internal ability to absorb solar energy & gum it to the plant for maximum.
    * It breaks the surface tension of water.
    * It improves the absorption of nutrient.
    * It does not affect the PH balance of the soil. Etc.


  2. Esi Tublu says:

    I am a first time user of super gro plant food. I tried them on orchid plants and I am so pleased with the results. Since orchids need plenty of water, can I spray twice weekly?


  3. Esi Tublu says:

    Thank you so much.


  4. Esi Tublu says:

    Hi Hassan, I have read one can add supergro and super 10. In what ratio? I use the 15liter knapsack. I have problems of leaf spots and bud drop with my orchids.


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    • aguguohenry says:

      Hello Farmer, This is A New product from GNLD COMPANY (Super Gro Fertilizer) that makes the fish to grow very fast, not harmful to their health. GNLD fish products are not chemical based products, they are made from Nature. They are suitable for Mud, Concrete, Plastic and Earth Ponds. ADVANTAGES AND FUNCTIONS.
      * It promote the growth of phytoplankton in the pond.
      * It prevent fish mortality and cannibalism.
      * It increase the ability of oxygen dissolving in fish pond.
      * It reduces changing water on daily basis.
      * It reduces ammonia level and maintain water PH.
      * It promote uniform growth of the fish.
      * It is effective in many types of fish pond eg. Plastic,earth and concrete pond.
      * It is hygienic when compared with organic mature.
      * It also prevent offensive odours and scurrying. Etc. FOR HOME AND OFFICE DELIVERY ANY WHERE IN NIGERIA, CALL 08093287471. OR VISIT: (click d Fertilizer icon)


    • aguguohenry says:

      THIS IS A NEW FERTILIZER FROM GNLD COMPANY, (SUPER GRO FERTILIZER), THAT INCREASE THE GROWTH OF YOUR FOWLS, KEEP THEM HEALTHY AND VIBRANT, AND ALSO GIVES YOU MORE PROFIT. BENEFITS AND FUNCTIONS ARE: # it prevent the chickens from fowl pox and cholera. # it prevent the chickens from cold and quail disease. # it prevent the chickens from PNEUMOENCEPHALITIS (new castle). # it prevent the chickens from FLU (fowl plague). # it promote uniform growth of the chickens and prevent FOWL ODOUR. # it prevent them from swollen head. # it prevent the chickens from epidemic tremor. # it prevent them from EGG DROP SYNDROME (EDS). # it also prevent them from LICE and MITES. FOR HOME AND OFFICE DELIVERY ANYWHERE WITHIN NIGERIA CALL 08093287471 OR VISIT: (click d Fertilizer icon)


  6. Phoebe says:

    Hi, I have seen some people use Supergro on hair scalp.. Can this same product be used by humans?


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  9. joseph says:

    please can you help me on how to mix and apply super gro fertilizer


  10. Yusuf Eguda says:

    Well done. Supergro is very effective, just as is described.
    Can I use it mixed with pre-emergence Herbicides like altrazine or diuron?


  11. Ben Ben says:

    Is it only used for crops/plants @ nursery stage?


  12. agnes says:

    Can i use thi on my hair


  13. agnes says:

    Can i use thise on my hair?


  14. sonkohassan says:

    you are free to use it in your hair


  15. oliver says:

    How super gro is applied in the farm?


  16. thankGod says:

    How will i mix supper gro hair growth


  17. sonkohassan says:

    it is 1mil litre by 1 litre of water


  18. AUSTIN OCHADE says:

    how will i mix super gro in poultry


    • ado nuhu says:

      Hello just want to know about the super grow if it is good for dogs


      • aguguohenry says:

        To mix super gro on poultry you need to contact the seller to help you get the application leaflet on poultry use in our office and follow the procedures in it. N.B: You wouldn’t want to be tampering the application with a wrong info.

        Yes you can use super gro on dogs; i have a customer that buys it regulary on dog use. My contact; 08093287471


  19. Christian says:

    Please sir, I will be very glad if you send me the application instructions for apply for poultry farms e.g Chicken and Pigs to my email:


  20. kamilu says:

    How to use super gro to cow?


  21. seunayo says:

    please how do i use supergro for my poultry?


  22. Gideon says:

    Please sir how is Super Gro use for poultry (Chicken, Pigs etc)


  23. Udom says:

    please sir ,how do i use super grow for crops(plants),chicken and pigs. please send detail answer to my email: thanks sir


  24. Ojeifo Festus says:

    what volume of supergro to
    water is ideal for crops like maize,cassava,yam,etc


  25. Adekunle says:

    Please sir, I will be very glad if you can send me the application instructions for apply for poultry farms e.g Chicken and Pigs to my email:


  26. Abraham Udo says:

    How will i applied it to pig.please help,send a reply through my Thanks.


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