gnld world team conference in DUbai

gnld international put traveling incentive to motivate its distributors to work very hard to realize their dreams. gnld’s life style this time round took place in Dubai, which is referred to as the playground of world team








the rich. gnld organized a mega function where different people from all over the world were awarded because of their efforts they have been putting in to build their gnld business. i want to take this opportunity to congratulate gnld Nigeria. this is because Nigeria ranked number 1 in the entire gnld market all over the world. Nigeria is taking over the world as far as gnld business is concerned. of all the money which was given out on this gnld world team conference, 75% of it was taken by Nigerians.this simply means that Gnld’s market is growing day and night in Nigeria.

i personally don’t live in Nigeria, but i have worked with Nigerians in my Gnld business because i do much of my gnld business online. i have found out that Nigerians are very hard working people, they don’t give up not until they get what they want. not only Nigerians are like that, but also other people who live in west African countries like Ivory Coat, and other countries.
the next gnld world team conference will take place in Japan Hong Congo, it is still early, we expect all gnld distributors to be there. the only qualification is becoming a world team member, and you attend.
if you are not yet a gnld distributor, join gnld now so that you can attend this life changing life style in Japan, next year around September

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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One Response to gnld world team conference in DUbai

  1. Daniel says:

    Simply The Best! pleac I need to know the address location of GNLD company DC’s in United Arab Emirates ( Dubai )


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