What gnld’s CEO Roget Uys said 9 years ago has come to pass


Roget Uys is the CEO and the president of gnld international, in 2005, he made some serious statements which have come to pass as we talk. Some of the statements he made are;

During the month of June, 2005, at our mid-year company meetings, we had the opportunity to review the results of the past year and plan for the year ahead.
Our objectives and strategies are very clear as we focus our efforts on achieving the GNLD potential around the world:
We will be far more market and Distributor driven in our sales and marketing strategies.
We will be recommitting ourselves to the very strong relationships that exist between the company and it’s Distributors.
We will be sensitive to the needs of our distributors and endeavor to give them what they need to develop and grow their businesses.
We will be more focused in our sales events and marketing support in order to support the above commitments.
We will continue our strong emphasis on the development of world-class, world-first products for the future.
We will continuously review and improve our business plan in order to ensure our worldwide competitive edge.
We will become target and goal oriented, with realistic, achievable goals for each market that we are in.
We will empower our executives and Distributors in order that they take responsibility for the achievement of these goals and targets.
We focus our energies on the growth of our Distributors and the profitability of our companies around the world.
Most of all, we wil endeavor to enjoy the journey and have fun on our way to achieve our personal goals and the dreams that we know are within our reach as part of this great business called GNLD.
We are entering a very exciting time of the year. During this time, we will share our goals and strategies with our business partners, our Distributors, in order that we all move forward together into a future that has never looked better.
Kind regards,
Roget Uys
CEO & President
If you take off some time and look at what mr Roget said, it is right. Gnld in the past 9 years has given its distributors full support. There has never been a wonderful in the whole of gnld history like the past 9 years.
Join gnld to benefit from this kind of benefits gnld leaders give to its distributors to build their business.

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