gnld compasetion plan gives distributoders to earn in five ways


gnld compensation plan is one of the few mlm marketing plans that gives the distributors a change to earn up to the infinity. it gives distributors a chance  to earn in the following five ways.

1. retail profit.

all successful men will tell you that, profits is better than wadges. gnld has designed a marketing plan which help its distributors earn a 25% commission profits from each products they sell. this is money which is there for every gnld distributor to earn on a daily basis.

2. referral bonus.

we do not earn direct this money for bringing people into the business, this is about training people introduced in gnld business to make money and you also earn whenever they earn.

3. gnld incentives.

gnld gives out money to its distributors in forms of incentives. this is just about hitting the target that gnld sets and you earn your money in form of incentive.

4. leadership development bonus (LDB)

this is money gnld pays you to thank you for developing leaders in your gnld business. it gives you a commission from each director you have developed  in your business.

5. shopping money.

whenever gnld organizes lifestyle for its distributors, it gives them a token to help them shop from the country they travel to

join gnld business to make money.

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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