Five Rules of doing gnld business online


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Doing gnld business online is fun; it is just a matter of mastering the rules need for the mlm business to run properly online. Every business system has rules people have to follow to master a fortune out of that business. For the gnld online business, the following the five rules all gnld distributors have to look at critically when doing gnld business online.

1.     Make your visitors part of your independent gnld blog / website

One of the greatest assets we have in gnld online business is the visitors who often come to check out what we publish on our independent gnld blog/websites. For that matter, we have to make sure that we engage them in our day today activities to keep them closer for proper running our our gnld online businesses. This also gives you a chance to get advice from them and change where necessary.

2.     Do not sell much to your visitors who visit your gnld blog/website.

Over selling to people who visit your gnld blog / website spoil the relationship you have with your visitors. Naturally people do not want to buy, and remember that, all of them do not visit your gnld blog/website to buy something. Some visitors visit your gnld blog/website for research purposes. Just provide information your visitor needs, but not emphasize the point of buying from you.

Selling gnld products is very good, but the best way to do it is by learning attraction marketing, that is, let people who want gnld products contact you rather than you contacting them

3.     Do not send your followers and visitors un necessary mails.

Many gnld distributors who do their gnld businesses online have a tendency of over mailing the people who follow them on their independent gnld blogs. This is wrong; in fact, make sure that you get to know the kind of information each visitor wants by asking them to tell you more about the kind of training they want.

4.     Be there whenever the visitors need your help.

Many people visit gnld websites for different independent distributors because of different reasons, some want to buy gnld products, some want to join gnld opportunity, and others want online mlm training. It is the responsibility of the gnld blog/website owner to attend to all these people’s needs. Make sure that you give these people the information they need from you. That way, they will pay you a visit again.

5.     Keep your words

By keep words I simply mean delivering whatever you promise to deliver. If you promise a prospect support in gnld business, please support that person when he/she joins the business. This gives your prospects and your downlines confidence to bring other people on board for you to work with them.

In the conclusion, let us make this remark;

  • All gnld distributors have the capacity to do gnld business online.
  • It is not your upline to teach how online gnld business works because many gnld distributors do not know how it works.
  • Doing gnld business online is attraction marketing.

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