GNLD Opportunity VS aJob





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There is a very big difference between gnld opportunity and a job, most people join gnld business with the mentality of job, which in the long run make them quit the opportunity.




No factor Education Major factor
No factor Age Major factor
You decide Income Boss decides
You decide Promotion Boss decides
Frequent Recognition Not frequent
You decide Retirement Compulsory
Not a concern Security Major concern
Large business Asset Small business

GNLD opportunity is a business which is done by keeping all factors constant. Looking at all factors in the middle row like education, age, income, promotion, recognition, retirement, security and asset they are not considered when it comes to joining and succeeding in gnld opportunity..

Everything in GNLD opportunity is decided by the person doing it. Whether you went to school or not, you can master a fortune with the kind of opportunity that gnld gives to people.

Age is just a number in Gnld business but not a factor. As long as you are 18 years of age, you are free to join online mlm to peruse your dreams

No one can decide on how much you can earn every month. You can retail gnld products every day online and offline as well and make a profit, and on addition to that, you will be earning a cheque after the end of the month.

It is not your boss to determine your promotion. It is you to decide when to be promoted by putting more efforts to be promoted in gnld business. This is not determined by your upline neither the founder of gnld international, it is determined by the person doing gnld business.

In mlm online network marketing, recognition is given whenever someone deserves it. The only way someone is recognized on a job is when he makes mistakes like coming late, not meeting the deadline. The bosses only recognize you by abusing you.

It is you to decide when to retire in Gnld business not your boss or your upline. You can work until you die when no one has told you to leave your work, at the same, you can choose to build a solid system with gnld opportunity and retire early, your and rich.

Security can never be a concern when doing gnld business. It is obvious that by you building a Gnld business, it implies that your building your asset for your future generation to come.

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  1. How can i create my own Gnld team website in Gnld website? I want you to to be notifying me about Gnld news through my email ( one more Question for example if i achieve president team in Gnld and i help all my team to achieve it like me, can Gnld be able to pay me and all my team who achieve president team levels the same month? Please send me reply, in Gnld we all learn from different distributors to be more perfect about how to grow our Gnld business to greater height.


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