Gnld is not a lottery


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Very many people join gnld opportunity thinking that, they will make the money the day they join. Things do not work like that; there is a very big difference between getting a job and starting up a business. Joining gnld opportunity is starting up a business you can do on the part time basis. With the job, you can even earn the day you join. This not how gnld opportunity works.
With a lottery, you can just win in a few second, but in real life, there is no any business in the world which works like that. In fact many people quit gnld opportunity because of this reason. Remember that, a business is like a child it takes time to grow. Stick to gnld business and do what you are supposed to do on a daily basis your effort will pay.
The good news now days, is we have built a system that teaches gnld distributors how to do their businesses online which makes it a little bit easier than before this system was designed.
You can change your mentality of get rich quick by doing the following things;
1. Read books about multi level marketing.
It is very good to know the kind of industry you are doing your business in. this helps you understand properly the nature of business and gives you courage to go extra miles even during tough times. All books about multi level marketing emphasize the point of network marketing business being not a get rich quick scheme. If new distributors read these kind of books, their perception about mlm business changes.
2. Associate with the right gnld distributors.
This is a very important point to emphasize when training distributors. Not every gnld distributor is a good distributor, some people join gnld opportunity to try it out and once tough times comes, and they resort to other opportunities. Make sure that your downlines associates with gnld distributors who can motivate them and inspire them to move to the next step.
3. Make a sale every day.
Making money selling gnld products daily gives distributors’ confidence that the business works. Most people join gnld opportunity to make additional income. If the upline help these downlines make money on a daily basis, they will not think of making billions of money when they have just started.
4. Think in terms of future.
The primary reason as to why I do gnld business is to retire early, young and rich. I didn’t say to retire tomorrow. Network marketing is done between two to five years to start realizing big changes in someone’s life. Think about ten years from now when you are just sited and money keep coming on your account day by day. That is network marketing business.

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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