2014 is the year for every gnld distributor




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We all know that gnld is a business opportunity not a job. Because of this, some gnld distributors find it hard to boss themselves to fulfill the daily routines. All this is because; some people are not used to bossing themselves. There are very many gnld distributors who still have the mentality of a job. With gnld business, it is you do design a program for your self. Now that a new year has come, make sure you do not repeat the mistakes you have been making in the previous years.

This year thing should move in the direction you want them to move to. This will happen by you taking massive action. Look at your daily program critically. If you are not getting the results you want, it means there is some time wasted during the day. Revise your schedule to get the results you want from gnld business.

“The right time to fix the roof is the time when the sun is shining” John F kenedy.

I believe this is the time all gnld distributors have been waiting for, for their businesses to take off. All you need is to forgive your self for the mistakes you have been making and start afresh. Forget whatever went wrong last year and start afresh.

Lets look at the things you have to change to make 2014 your best year ever in gnld business.

Change the friends.

If the kind of friends you have both in gnld business and outside the gnld business are not helping you and motivating you to go extra miles to realize your dreams using gnld opportunity, it is high time you changed them. This is a very important topic to talk about in network marketing business. Sometimes the friends we have in the gnld business are also negative. Such people will never inspire you to take your next step in gnld business. Some uplines are also negative in gnld business, if they are not inspiring you; look for international gnld distributors who are ever fired up to let you move to the next step.

Work on the system you use to do gnld business.

Different gnld distributors use different systems to do their gnld businesses. If your system is not helping get the results you want, change it. If it gives fewer results, work on it in the year 2014 to get more results.

I have both systems online and offline. It is the online system that helps me get much more results compared to offline system. This means, I have to take off some time on a daily basis to read about my system. I have to learn something new everyday about online marketing to better my system. I also have a free online training where I teach gnld distributors to sell and sponsor online.

Change your schedule.

Very many gnld distributors give gnld business very limited time. Yes we believe that gnld is a part time business, but you have to give it enough time if you are to realize your dreams using it. Let me help you out to see the time most people west.

On average, individuals sleep for eight (8) hour on a daily basis. They work or eight (8) hours as well. If we add 8+8=16. Remember that there is 24 hours in a day. The whole remaining 8 hours is for your gnld business. Please use this time effectively you will have the best year. Most people west the 8 hours watching TV, conversing and very many unproductive work.

Change your attitude.

Having a positive attitude is part of the gnld success equation. Without it, the equation will never balance. This is done by reading testimonies of gnld distributors all over the world, reading books about success, using gnld products to change your believability in the products and very many other things.

Wake up early

Waking up early is one thing that helps you have a good day. This gives you a chance to be ahead of very many people. The best time to communicate to your gnld downlines is in the morning. I wake up very early in the morning and send motivational massages to all my gnld downlines. I also talk to my online prospects and downlines in Europe because that is the time when most people are still fresh. You can also do it if you wake up early.


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