Gnld business is a win, win business for both parties




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Gnld being a network marketing company means, it has distributors who distribute products instead of distributing the products through the normal distribution chanel (Gnld-Wholesale-retail-consumers). For that matter, gnld make it a point to give to their distributors their rewards whenever they do what they are supposed to do.

I have never seen any gnld distributor who is not given what he has to get out of the gnld business each month. That is what has made gnld international stay for very many years (56+ years) while operating in very many countries. I have seen very many Gnld distributors who have been pursuing their dreams with gnld international for over 30 years. All this show how fair and credible gnld company is.


# 1. Gnld gives out cheques in time.

The day they announce month end in gnld is the day the CEO works on the cheques for gnld distributors. There is nothing like giving excuses to the distributors. All people who are entitled to get gnld cheques are given their cheques in time. This is because both parties have to earn from the business that is why, gnld distributors’ cheques are given out in time

# 2. Gnld gives distributors travel incentives.

I didn’t know that traveling is a dream to so many people until I joined gnld international. When the company realized this, it gives back to its distributors. This is a way of motivating distributors to work in the direction of their dreams. After the company makes the money, it organizes international trips for distributors and give them money for shopping.

# 3. Gnld gives 25% discount on its products.

Very few products have this kind of discount margin. The highest margin I have seen people give on their products is 10%. Gnld is wants all its distributors to make money and enjoy life. This shows that the company wins and the distributors as well.

# 4. The money paid to register is used to get products and printing literature

All gnld business builders believe that, gnld is not a pyramid. That is, we do not earn from bringing people into gnld business, but we earn from products movement. All the money that is paid to join the business is used to help the person who has paid it build a solid business. Very many mlm companies charge a lot of money from new entrants to get what to pay for old distributors. That is not business, it is helping a few individuals becomes successful. Gnld company does not benefit from the money that is paid to join the business. It is all used for literature and getting the products for the new gnld entrant.

Join gnld to realize your dreams as well

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