How to maintain a relationship with the gnld downline online.


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We all know that gnld is a relationship business. It gives people a chance to meet strangers online and bring them very close to build a solid business together.

One of the reasons as to why some people fail to master a fortune out of the gnld opportunity is the failure to maintain the relationship with the people they bring into the gnld business. It is the responsibility of gnld upline to make sure that a downline understands the importance of the relationship in gnld business by treating him/her life a brother or a sister.

The following are the summarized ways of maintaining relationship in an online gnld business.

Gnld relationship tip 1. Talk to the downline on a daily basis.

I have for very many times repeating the statement, “a downline is a baby in gnld business.” Some people have understood it and at the same time it has not yet sunk properly into some gnlds’ distributor brain. You have to talk to your downline online on a daily basis to help him/her overcome the challenges he/she is going through like the way you give support to your child at hove.

Gnld relationship tip 2. Work for the downline not the downline to work for you.

This is the kind of attitude all gnld successful distributors like Charlie Bolton have. They don’t sponsor people to work for them, but they sponsor people to help them grow into the business. This gives them a chance to always help their downlines all the time which strengthens their relationship with their downlines.

Gnld relationship tip 3. Open up a forum for your gnld business.

A forum keeps people of the same ambition together. It gives people a chance to be close all the time by finding the answers they are looking for. Sacrifice some little dollars and start up a forum where you will be hanging out with your downlines all the time to make your relationship with them stronger.

Gnld relationship tip 4. Be involved in your downlines’ lives.

This simply means giving them a motivational statement whenever they are sad, sending them a happy birthday whenever they have it, and very many other things

Gnld relationship tip 5. Invite your gnld upline to talk to your online downlines.

Doing this gives your gnld downlines confidence that they have people who care about them. It increases their confidence they have about the gnld business.

In the conclusion, gnld is a relationship business. If you cannot build relationships with people, forget success in gnld business.

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