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Who is a gnld upline?

This is the question most people mail me all the time

Gnld international has got different terminologies it uses to define the marketing plan and the entire gnld business system. A gnld upline simply mean the person who sponsors (brings) another person in the gnld business. This is a very important person because it is his/her responsibility to make sure that the person sponsored in the business realizes his/her dreams.

Of course like any other network marketing company, gnld has got some lousy uplines as well who do not make it a point to help the people they bring into the business to master a fortune out of it. Let us use this chance to learn who the best gnld upline is.

Gnld upline good quality 1. Must have gnld products knowledge.

It sounds funny for a downline to ask an upline a question about the gnld products and the uplines says he/she does not know. Even if you have just joined the gnld business today, do research about what the gnld products do, how they are used, the uses of these products, the raw materials used to make these products, and the prices of the products. This will help you train your team properly as an upline.

Gnld upline good quality 2. Must know the gnld marketing plan properly.

Many gnld distributors do not understand the gnld marketing plan properly. I receive endless mails every day when people are asking funny questions about the gnld marketing plan and the most unfortunate thing is, the people who ask me these questions have been in the gnld business for quite some time now. They are not taught properly by their uplines about the marketing plan. All gnld distributors must understand the marketing plan to guide their downlines in the gnld business. That makes you to be a good gnld upline.

Gnld upline good quality 3. Must be a leader.

It is a must for a gnld upline to learn leadership skills. This is because gnld is a ‘people business. You must know properly how to lead other people to go to the destination where they want to go. You will never find a good upline who does not know where he/she is taking the team.

Gnld upline good quality 4. Must be a listener.

Listening to what the downlines are trying to tell you is something important in gnld business. It gives you a chance to bring your team closer to you since listening is a sign of caring. Often times, the downlines wants us to know about their lives, but because some gnld distributors think they are the only ones to talk, they end up not knowing who the person they are working with is. Listening makes you to become a good gnld upline.

Gnld upline good quality 5. Must focus on helping downlines not downlines working for him/her.

We do not sponsor people in gnld business to work for us. We sponsor them to help them to reach where they want to go. There are some gnld distributors who focus on sponsoring people to help them accumulate very many PVs for them to make a lot of money. That is not who a good upline is in gnld. Focus on helping others, you will also get the results you want to get.

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