Gnld business process


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Gnld business is a combination of three people that is; Gnld company, Upline, and downline. When one of the three parties get off from the process, the business does not work. Let us look at the responsibility of each party.




–          Warehousing facilities # Training the downline –          Attend training
–          transportation # Give incentives to downline –          Sponsor people
–          Research # Retailing the products –          Retailing the products
–          Products development #  Sponsor new distributors –          Listen to the leaders
–          Life style # Attend company’s events –          Learn new skills
–          Training # Develop systems –          Attend company’s events
–          Give incentives # Open up a training Centre –          Give more time.

Everyone has a responsible to play if the gnld business is to run properly. It is not the company to do the business for distributors and it is not also the responsibility of the upline to do the gnld business on behalf of the downline.

Join GNLD and be part of the process. Support is a guarantee in gnld business.

Everyone has a role to play in gnld business. there is delegation in network marketing business. the moment you deny your responsibility, the business will never grow. I must say that gnld distributors are luck. we have a company which has never denied its responsibility. it does all the research  to develop for us fantastic products that no other company has.It organizes for us international conferences which most network marketing companies do not do for their distributors. It is the right for all gnld distributors to start fulfilling their responsibilities.

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