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Gnld did not leave out farmers in its programs, that is why it has a wounderful product called Super gro. This products addresses all farmer’s challenges both on the market and in the garden. Gnld super gro is a unique product that no other company can produce. It is Biodegradable, Multi popurse, Non toxic and surfactant.

Gnld’s super gro is not a fertilizers like the way most farmers take it. It is just an ajuvant which help the plants to maximize all the nutrients and water in the soil.

Let’s look at the three major challenges the farmers face

  1. Market (selling their products at low prices). this comes as a result of planting in seasons. When they plant in seasons, they end up harvesting at the same time which brings surplus on market.
  1. . Using toxic or dangerous fertilizers in their gardens. This limits the market because most European countries do not buy products which are sprayed with toxic fertilizers. because of this, farmers remain with only local market which also bring surplus on market and they end up selling their harvests at low prices
  2. the last challenge and it is the major one is poor soil. The fact is, we should not expect that, one day God will bring us new soil. We have to keep utilizing the one we have for better results.

The challenge of poor soil is disappointing farmers. They have been using their soil for many years and the nutrients have disappeared in the levels where roots are supposed to get it from.

There are four level/layers/phases of soil


loom soil

The first phase is the one which is called the loom soil (the top most layer). This level is where the roots stop and they cannot penetrate to reach where nutrients hide


hard pan

When you use the soil for so long, the level where the hoe stops becomes hard and creates a second level called the hard pan

The problem is, the roots are too weak to penetrate the hard pan so they cannot go beyond this level. They stop on the top, which makes the plant to starve from water and nutrients which are in the third level.

third level

The third level is the level where soil nutrients stay. Soil nutrients will never get finished from the soil. It is only the second level which stops the roots from being in position to get access to these nutrients.

Gnld’s super gro concern is the hard pan; we have to make sure that it is soft for the roots to break through to get the proper soil nutrients from the third level of the soil.

Gnld’s super gro is not a fertilizer, but it helps the plant to use all the soil nutrients which are in the soil. Most fertilizers just increase nitrogen for the plan to grow fast which end up spoiling their soil.

Gnld’s Super gro work is to let the plant get the nutrients in the soil.

When the plant gets these nutrients, the farmer gets the following benefits from super gro

  1. The yields doubles. that, if you were getting 1000 kilograms of maize in an acre of land before using Gnld’s super gro, after getting it you will get 2000 kilograms
  2. Gnld’s super gro balances the soil PH so that the plants grow at the same rate to be harvested at once.
  3. Gnld’s super gro increases the size of the berry to get high quality yield.
  4. Gnld’s Super gro makes the plants greener which supports the process called photosynthesis in plants.
  5. Gnld’s super gro works as a sticker which helps the plant to absorb water and use it in the right way.
  6. 6. The plant will never starve from water  because super gro makes it possible for the plants to use due which is always there at night by sticking on the leaves of the plant
  7.  Super gro brakes down the surface tension for the plant to use water effectively


In the conclusion, Gnld makes its super gro from natural materials like leaves and many other things. It is 100% natural, which means it does not affect the farmers and also the people who eat the harvests.

Place your order now by filling in the form below.

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  3. Arthur says:

    Hi, I have clay soil and I am battling to get my plants growing especially in this drought we are having. The clay is rock hard and the roots can’t penetrate it causing them to die.
    Will GNLD super grow help in breaking down the clay?


  4. sonkohassan says:

    Am not sure about this. I have never done experience on that issue, try it out and find out


  5. Dorah m ngoma says:

    Would love to buy some and try it out but dont know where to find this Super gro.


  6. Oloko Ezekiel says:

    What are the benefits/advantages of Super Gro on Pigs


  7. Promise says:

    How to I use the super GRO on maize and cassava, some say you soak the maize seed and cassava stem in potion of water that contains super GLO, before planting, but which one is the right process


  8. tetteh isaac says:

    how to apply on maize


  9. tetteh isaac says:

    at what time can i start using gnld super gro on vegetable


  10. Kirui says:

    Is super grow compatible with other pesticides?


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