Mistakes gnld distributors make while sponsoring new distributors


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Many gnld distributors do not take time to learn how to sponsor new people in their gnld business. They end up forcing people to join rather than just attracting them to like their businesses. I have taken time and summarized the mistakes gnld distributors make in sponsoring.
1. Promising people to succeed without working.
Gnld is a business where you have to pay the price for you to succeed. There is hard work and you will never make it without working hard
2. Promising people earn every month even without qualifying.
Gnld is a network marketing business where you have to hit the target the company puts for you to earn the money. It has a marketing plan for everyone to follow.
3. Paying money for prospects to join.
Gnld is not a charitable organization where people are helped and supported like that. Anything good has a price tag and if someone wants it, he/she has to pay for it.
4. Sponsoring people to work for you not to help them.
This is a serious disease among gnld distributors; some of them look for people to put them under pressure to become PV machines.



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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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