How I sponsored five people online in one week while traveling


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The good news to people who do network marketing businesses like gnld is; getting new people in the business. All gnld distributors will tell you that they want to build a big business with very many people from all parts of the world. The only challenging thing is they do not know how it is done. I have for so long taken my time to teach gnld distributors how the business works online, but it seems many of them have not yet got the point right.
The power of internet has made gnld business easy, you just have to act as a fisher man not a like hunter, in other words, all you have to do is presenting an opportunity on the internet using videos and content and people end up asking you to sponsor them. Many people go around towns walking to get people to talk to about their gnld businesses and leave behind billions of people on the internet who are looking for gnld opportunity.
How did it happen?
Being busy doing other things does not mean that you do not have to sponsor new people in gnld business. You have to create a system that works 24/7. Gnld business is not having a retail shop that when you close it, you go with the business somewhere.
I posted a very simple blog on my gnld blog last week which is; internet; the meeting point of gnld distributors and prospects while I was on my way. When people read this blog post, very many contacted me and asked me if gnld could be done online. When they got the assurance, they immediately joined the business and I have designed their gnld blogs. Hadn’t I had the skill of internet marketing, I wouldn’t have talked to over 100 people in one day while travelling. You have to learn working smart.
You do not have to suffer looking for prospects everywhere and you end up getting embarrassed, gnld prospects are online. The most challenging thing about it is how can you get these people?
Yes you believe that the online marketing system works for gnld business, but believing alone is not enough, you have to get down and take the next step which is action.
I met a distributor who asked a question I like very much; “There are very many independent gnld blogs and websites, how will people see mine?”
I liked that question so much, there is competition everywhere, but it does not mean you run out of the race, you have to identify something unique which other competitors do not have and stick to that. My gnld blog gets 250 visitors a day because of something very small. I do not focus on selling and sponsoring, but I focus on helping people. I give out information for free of charge even after buying books and audios to learn the skills. That is what has made me successful in gnld online business.

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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