Like any other network marketing business, the products have to move for someone to earn money. Gnld distributor’s major challenge has always been selling products. Over the years, I have done thorough research to develop systems to enable my team sell products and one of my favorite systems is an online system. Selling gnld products online is something that gives gnld distributors freedom because this time it is the client to look for you not you looking for the client.

There are no technical skills involved in selling gnld products online. In fact any gnld distributor can do it as long as he/she is willing to learn how internet marketing works. There are quite a number skills involved in but even people who barely have academic credentials can do it.

The good news is, you do not have to struggle like the way I did because I did not have anyone to guide me on how it is done in the right way. I bought many books some were useful and others were useless. You do not have to suffer the way I suffered, just stick to my blog you will find out how exactly the online system works. Without delaying you, let’s go straight to the point of the steps all gnld distributors must have on their fingertips if they are to sell gnld products online.

# Selling gnld products online step 1. Have an independent gnld website / blog.

I have been writing about this point for so many times in different blog post and I will not get tired of writing about it. It is the starting point, having an online business does not mean having a shop in air, it simply means having an independent gnld blog / website where people who want your products will find you. If you do not know how it is done, contact me I can do it properly for you at $25.

# Selling gnld products online step 2. Have an independent web/blog page and category for gnld products.

Not every visitor on your gnld blog/website has a lot of time to keep searching where you hide what you are selling. You have to know the primary reason for having a gnld blog / website which is selling and sponsoring. Make sure you display your products properly for people who are looking for them to see them.

# Selling gnld products online step 3. Write gnld products reviews.

A product review simply means describing what exactly the product does and how it is used using your own content. When I posted a blog post, “online mlm is a copy and paste business” I did not mean that copy what someone else has written and paste it in your web pages or blog, I meant learning from other online mlm bloggers. Always be unique by doing research on what the products do and how they are used.

# Selling gnld products online step 4. Use words that are relevant to the products when writing.

I have taken time to read almost 50% of the content on the different independent gnld blogs and websites, but sometimes I get worried. Some people just write for people to read not to sell to them. You have to learn to write for selling that is how you will end up sealing the deals with potential clients onlines.

# Selling gnld products online step5. Make shopping carts easy.

A shopping cart allows prospects to make orders of the products they want. You may decide to have a different page with a link for orders and put different forms where the customer can order for the gnld products properly.

# Selling gnld products online step. 6 Give incentives to online customers.

One of the most hectic things is to convince an online client that you appreciate what he does for you. This comes because of the absence of the physical appearance to say the word thank you. Giving them incentives to motivate them to come back and buy from you again

# Selling gnld products online step 7. Deliver in time.

Selling tangible (physical) products sometimes is quite challenging, if you do not learn how it works, you might end up giving up before you start making good money. The best solution for this is having gnld downlines in as many countries as possible who can deliver the products to people who order for them in time.

# Selling gnld products online step 8.  Do not share many links with other gnld blogs / websites.

This sounds like being selfish but it is not, you must have enough content so that the prospects for the gnld products do not go away to another website/blog. This goes back to writing. You have to write about all the gnld products to retain prospects on your gnld web pages.

# Selling gnld products online step 9. Invite your other downlines to learn how it works.

Many people forget about their downlines and end up not teaching them how the system works. This training is for free of charge feel free to invite or refer your downlines to my blog for them to learn how to do internet marketing. This will help you increase the sales volume which means big cheque.

In the conclusion, you may not start selling the day you start internet marketing, but you just have to believe that the system works

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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