Why most independent gnld websites do not rank properly in the top search engine

According to the research I have done for the past few months, there are quite a number of gnld distributors who are resorting to internet as a way of marketing their gnld products and opportunity. The only challenge is most of these people are not well conversant with the kind of industry (Online marketing) they are joining. Online marketing is a very easy industry for someone to use to master a fortune out of any business he/she is doing.
The good news is, we have taken some time to find the problems that makes all independent gnld websites and blogs not rank properly in the search engine for the gnld distributors to get enough visitor to to sell to them and also sponsor them in the gnld business.
1. Most gnld distributors do not know how to use anchor text.
Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another document or location on the web. Knowing how to use anchor text is mastering SEO because it helps you know properly which links to use for the independent gnld blog/website to rank properly to get enough visitors who in the end turn into customers and downlines.
2. Failure to master page level keyword agnostic .
Many gnld distributors who do their gnld online are very good at writing, but they forget one thing; they are not writing for people to enjoy what they write, they write to sell and sponsor. Internet marketing simply means displaying the content which is just enough for visitors to understand what you are talking about.
You have to learn to use key words properly for your gnld blog/website to rank properly to get enough visitors to sponsor and sell to these visitors.
3. Failure to use social media matrix properly.
There are so many social Medias which a gnld website/blog can be linked to, to get enough visitors. It is just a matter of posting sense information on your social media and people will start to find out what exactly your gnld website/blog is all about.
4. The domain age.
Many gnld distributor rush to push their gnld blog/websites to rank in the search engine forgetting that many times, the time which the domain name has been in the search engine is also considered. The independent gnld websites / blogs which have been registered for quite some time always have a higher chance to rank first.
In the conclusion, you have to learn to work on your independent gnld website / blog to rank properly, that is the only way you will get visitors who are interested in joining and also buying the gnld products. Having an independent gnld website/ blog is not enough; you have to promote it to get the people you are targeting.

About sonkohassan

am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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