how to raise money online to mantain the gnld blog/wesbite




Much as we make enough money from gnld business, still we need to be smart and make some money online to maintain our independent gnld blogs/websites. You do not have to pull your money from the cheque you earn from gnld to pay for your gnld blog / website to run; there are several smart ways through which you can earn some little dollars to maintain your gnld blog/website. I have never pulled the money from my pocket to pay for something online for my gnld business, all the money I use I make it online while doing other things.

The best way to finance an online business is by using the money you make online. Do not quote me wrong, where you feel it is okay for you to pay money using your cheque you earn from gnld, go ahead and do it. I have taught all my gnld downlines how to work smart and they are moving in the direction I am moving. Internet is there for us to use to make money, if you get an opportunity to get it, please pick it.

Let us look at the system I have used for so long to accumulate money to keep my gnld blog / website moving.

The system is argent global network. click on it to start

This online advertising agency which gives people opportunity of placing adverts to different classified website and pay them for that. It is not a network marketing company like gnld. It is just a company to help people make money online through doing some simple work like copying text and paste it to advertise. They have different packs of joining it.

  1. THERE IS THAT FOR FREE. With this one, you have to place ads (adverts) without earning for two consecutive months and after that, they start paying you. If you do not have money to pay for other packs which am going to explain below, go for this. It is in favor of everyone.

The following are its details;

  • Required Premium Membership
  • (work for free for 60 days to accumulate)  $150.00 and join for free.
  • Value: 1 voucher
  • Earn up to: $10 per week
  • 1 year contract
  • 1000 text or Banner Impression
  1. 2.      BASIC PLUS

For this you pay $300 and start working online to make the money, the details is as follows;

  • Required Premium Membership
  • Price: $300.00
  • Value: 2 voucher
  • Earn up to: $20 per week
  • 1 year contract
  • 2000 text or Banner Impression

Others refer to their website by following this link 


In the conclusion, why pay your money to make your independent gnld website/ blog run, use this system to make that money online. It takes 2 minutes on a daily basis to do this work.

Let us focus on gnld online business if we are to succeed in a short while. For more info, feel free to ask on and +256 706 470 775



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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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