Organizing a gnld website/bog help you sponsor people and sell gnld products online


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The major reason for starting an independent gnld blog/website is to sponsor and sell the gnld products online. No gnld distributor starts internet marketing without that intention. Many gnld distributors have failed to use their blogs/websites to get what they want out of them. All this comes because of the failure to know what to put and not to put on the them.

There are different ways of organizing the gnld blog/website to sponsor tins of new distributors and also sell tins of PVs.

  1. 1.       Always put a search widget on the gnld website / blog.

A search widget helps the visitors to look for what they want without wasting any time on your blog. Remember that, you are not the only one who writes about the topic gnld, once the visitor fail to see what he/she wants, they decide to go to another site.


  1. 2.       Have a page called JOIN GNLD

This page is a must have on an independent gnld blog/website for; the people who want to join your business online will use it in a very easy way.

  1. 3.       Have a Page called GNLD PRODUCTS

This a very important page to have on a gnld blog / website for someone to display what he/she is dealing in.

  1. 4.       Use the colors that gnld company uses.

For the comfort of the fellow gnld distributors who are used to the gnld colors

  1. 5.       Minimize adverts on the blog/website

Some people decide to put many adverts which take the attention of the visiotors who want to buy the gnld products and also join the gnld opportunity

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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