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Many gnld distributors do not differentiate between an independent gnld blog and a static gnld website. In fact these are the mails I receive the most when it comes to doing gnld business online. The good news is, we are going to learn everything in today’s blog post.

An independent gnld blog simply means a dynamic website owned by a gnld distributor to help him/her run his/her business online. It is dynamic in the sense that, the owner has to keep posting information all the time depending on his goal.

A static gnld website is and independent gnld website owned by an independent gnld distributor. It is static in the sense that, the owner designs it once and for all, it does not require posting information all the time like a gnld blog.


The reason I use independent is because these websites and blogs are not owned by the gnld company, it is the distributor to become smart and go extra miles to do his/her business online that is why it is owned by the distributor.

The debate about a gnld blog being better than a gnld static website in internet marketing has always been serious. The distributors find it hard to choose which one to go with. Of course each has its advantages and disadvantages that is why some people choose to use both.

In my own opinion, I encourage gnld distributors to go with a gnld blog if they need quick results. I have done it and I know what I am talking about. I started a gnld blog early last year and by the end of the year, it was registering 100+ visitors on a daily basis, some of these visitors were those who wanted to join and some wanted to buy the products plus those who wanted to learn how to do gnld online (online mlm training).

Reasons why I recommend and independent gnld blog rather than a static gnld website.

Gnld blog advantage 1. You interact direct with the prospects.

Unless the reason for starting a gnld online marketing strategy is not selling and sponsoring, but if those are the main reasons, you have to always be there for prospects that opt in and they want you to present to them

Gnld blog advantage 2. It is easy to learn

This is because of the different platforms like blogger and wordpress which help people to learn and understand how to blog.

Gnld blog advantage 3. It is flexible

An independent gnld blog is flexible in a way that you can use it for anything you want. I use my gnld blog like a training platform, a gnld business presentation platform, a shop for my gnld products and very many other things which a gnld static website cannot do.

Gnld blog advantage 4. It is easier to attract new readers using a gnld blog.

Internet marketing is all about getting leads and later turn them into customers and gnld downlines. A blog does it better because of the constant posting of information on it

Gnld blog advantage 5. It is one of the best strategies to improve the ranking in top search engine.

There are many gnld distributors who want to market online, the question is, what are the chances of you coming out and people buy your gnld idea? The answer to this is learning Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google like fresh information and it is the blog that has fresh information all the time.

Gnld blog advantage 6. A gnld blog develop writing and research skills.

The fact is, blogging is about writing, it is challenging at the start but as time goes on, writing becomes part of your therefore, a blog can help you develop that skill.

Gnld blog advantage 7. A blog helps you write about the gnld products repeatedly.

The more you write about something, the higher the chances of getting readers who can buy what you are writing about.

In the conclusion, I did not say that a static gnld website is bad, you can use it alongside the gnld blog and make things better. If you want a blog at $50, please contact me at  

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