Gnld business is not an army where only major generals have to be the mentors and leaders


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We are lucky to be part of the gnld family. A network marketing company which emphasizes equality among all distributors. Gnld is totally different from other network marketing companies. This is because of the way its marketing plan is designed. No one works for another, no one is above another, but every distributor is equivalent to one another. Many network marketing companies are designed in a job setting where by, other distributors are not given a chance to build their leadership skills and mentorship skills. They take the uplines to be superior all the time which is not right.
For gnld network marketing company to stay on the market for all these years (55+), leadership and mentorship has been the key factor to that achievement. Every gnld distributor is equipped with all the skills needed not only in the gnld business but also in the entire life. In gnld, people do not just make money, but their value is also considered. This is done through organizing leadership seminars in different countries like Kenya, South Africa, US and many others.
There are some tips for becoming a good mentor and leader in the gnld business
Gnld leadership/mentorship tip 1. Read books about network marketing industry.
All great mentors and leaders are good readers, they are ever ready with all the information about the industry they are in. since gnld is a network marketing company, gnld distributors have to find books about network marketing industry and read them.
Gnld leadership/mentorship tip 2. Be the person you want others to be.
Many gnld distributors want to have perfect downlines in their teams yet for them they are not. A mentor always set the example, it is not the mentor to like someone else but it is other people to like the mentor. In other words, a mentor has to be a role model.
Gnld leadership/mentorship tip 3. Speak less and listen more.
Speaking nonsense all the time does not mean that you are a great leader/ mentor; sometimes you have to listen to what other people are saying and provide a solution. This will make you be a great gnld mentor / leader who is admired by everyone.
Gnld leadership/mentorship tip 4. Don’t rush to blame.
Being a good gnld leader / mentor who is liked by many gnld distributors is being in position not to criticize and let down fellow distributors. Naturally people want to blame, but mentors and leaders just create courage in the minds of the people that they work with.
Gnld leadership/mentorship tip 5. Get a mentor as well.
We all need mentors to sail properly in life. There are many challenges and obstacles in life. There is always a time when you need to inquire from someone despite the fact that you are a mentor and a leader as well.
In the conclusion, in gnld we don’t work under orders, all of us mentors and leaders. Join gnld to become a leader as well

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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