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Many people take gnld opportunity to be like other network marketing companies where the owners of the company just use the distributors to realize their dreams. A number of network marketing companies have designed their marketing plans in a way that, the company takes the higher percentage from each sale that is made from each distributor.
Gnld is totally different from other mlm companies when it comes to compensation; they pay people for each and every effort they put in to build their gnld businesses. The profit system which is designed to put money into the distributor’s accounts daily help many people to build a constant source of income and before they know it, the month ends and gnld sends a cheque to distributors. All this is designed to help gnld distributors earn a lot of money at the end of every month.
Reasons why gnld pays more money than most network marketing companies;

Gnld ‘s business volume is high.
Gnld business volume simply means the money that gnld as a company makes whenever any products is sold. It is out of this money that a distributor is paid a commission. The commission is always high because the business volume is set to be high to make sure that distributor makes a lot of money from all the gnld products which are sold through their organizations.
Gnld marketing plan is designed to favour both downlines and uplines.
Many network marketing companies make a downline a slave of the upline. They pay very little money to a downline and pay a lot of money to the upline. This is not what gnld does, everyone earns basing on the effort he/she has put in. there are very many downlines who earn far better than their uplines in gnld. In some companies this does not happen. The upline is always a superior. Gnld pays both the downline and upline basing on their effort.
Gnld distributors do not earn from sponsoring, they earn from selling
The gnld marketing plan is very good, people do not earn from people. Money only comes from selling products. This makes gnld pay a lot of money because they pay to whoever deserves to be paid. Other network marketing companies makes new entrants pay a lot of money so that uplines can be paid. It is not fair; people have to work to earn what they deserve.

Gnld point values (PVs) have values.
All gnld products do what they say they do, because of this, the products have a very fantastic value which makes the point value for qualification have a good value. The more value the point’s value qualification has the more money the distributors earn.
In the conclusion, there are many network marketing companies out there who say we are like gnld, but they are not, gnld pays its distributors what they deserve. There are no factors for payments like age, race, country and others, whoever qualifies to be paid, they pay him.
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