Don’t present the gnld opportunity; create the need people will join


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Many gnld distributors want to get new people join their gnld businesses on a daily basis. The challenge comes in when it comes to presenting the gnld opportunity. Spending the whole presentation talking about the gnld opportunity does not make any difference in the minds of the prospects. You have to learn to create the need for the gnld prospect to realize that he/she needs the gnld opportunity.

Many people outside there do not know that they need money, if you show them an opportunity like gnld they will not take it up. You have to show these people why they need gnld not why they should join gnld. Gnld distributors do not know the difference between the two. Let us see how to create the need to prospects to join gnld


How to create the need for a gnld prospects to join


  • Talk about the difference between a job and a business.

This moves many gnld prospects both online and offline. There is no one who wants to be employed. Many people do not start businesses because they do not have enough capital. Help people understand why they should own a business and tell them that starting gnld requires very little capital.

  • Tell prospects that building gnld is building a fortune.

The fact is, you can make money from every business but not every business can help you build a fortune. Building a fortune is building a long lasting business for the great grandchildren to benefit from it. That is what exactly gnld does.

  • Focus on helping not recruiting.

Many gnld distributors use the term “ME” often while presenting rather than using “YOU.” you have to show this person that you are going to help him/her to master a fortune out of gnld. In gnld there is no using people, everyone does his/her business and earn what he/she deserves. The role of the upline is to help downlines make the money. Let the prospect see this aspect in you while presenting.



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Share your gnld story

People like hearing and reading other people’s stories of success. Stories create a need for people to join gnld business. Your ability to shape your story will contribute to the saying YES to your gnld business. Sharing a gnld dreams is very easy just follow the following

  1. When did you come across gnld
  2. How did gnld find you
  3. What where you doing before gnld.
  4. How has gnld changed your life
  5. What have you achieved from gnld
  6. How you see your future (your dreams)

in the conclusion, if you learn how to present gnld, you will be sponsoring people both online and offline daily. Remember that, gnld is built with people not products.

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