Gnld super grow is not a fertilizer, it is an adjuvant, surfactant, and wetting agent


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Gnld super gro has been called various names among which is a fertilizer. This has left very many questions in the minds of farmers who uses gnld super gro. looking at super gro closely, Scientific Advisory Board really put in too much effort to come up with an agricultural product which does not cause any harm to the bacteria’s in the soil to make the soil lose value.

The mistake made by many gnld distributors is to refer to gnld super gro as a fertilizer. It is not though it is designed to help farmers maximize their yields.


What does an adjuvant and surfactant mean?

Adjutants are inorganic or organic chemicals, macromolecules or entire cells of certain killed bacteria, which enhance the immune response to an antigen.


Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid.

We all know that each water molecule is bipolar, that is to say, it has a negative and a positive charge like a magnet and when various water molecules are put together, they attract one another. This result into what is known as surface tension. Surface tension stops many nutrients and others things from going into solution and getting wet.

For that matter, surfactants overcome surface tension for water to be used properly by the plants. Many surfactants have two polar heads known as hydrophilic head and water hating non-polar tail known as hydrophobic tail. These are the two molecules which are very important to break down surface tension allowing the pesticides to do their jobs.

Gnld super gro has different surfactants let us look at some of them;

Nonionic surfactant

This is surfactant with no charge. It is included in gnld super gro to cater for hot culture.

Anionic surfactant

These are negatively charged surfactants.

Amphoteric surfactant.

These surfactants form either a positive or negative charge in water, depending upon the pH of the solution

Gnld super gro is not a fertilizer, that why its work is not to increase the nitrogen in the soil for the plants to grow faster. It works hand in hand with other fertilizers.

Buy gnld super gro to maximize yields from the garden


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