5 websites where to market an independent gnld website/blog for free



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Promoting a gnld business online is promoting a gnld blog/website. That is what internet marketing is all about. There are some gnld distributors who think that they can do their gnld business online without an independent gnld blog/ website, which will never work. The first step to doing gnld business online is by having and independent gnld blog/website.

Am happy that many gnld distributors are learning internet marketing to promote their gnld business online but the biggest challenge is now promoting these gnld blog/websites to rank on the first pages of the search engine like Google, Yahoo and name it. This is a different lesson away from internet marketing; in fact it is the most important topic to discuss when it comes to doing gnld business online because no matter how smart your content could be as long as people cannot see it, you are wasting time.

I have taken time to do research about marketing for free an independent gnld blog/ website for people to get to know about them and I found out 5 websites that offer a free opportunity for people to promote their blogs / website. As a gnld distributor, try them toady and get more people to see what you are writing about and the gnld products you are selling. Here are the following free websites to help you promote your gnld blog/website.


This gives an opportunity to people to post their Ads for free of charge and once you post Ads on this site, they help you post the same ad to other classified websites. As a gnld distributor, try it out for your website to be promoted for free.


This is another website that offers free advertisement opportunity though it offers paid options also. This site has provision for 40 languages and it works in 96 countries. What a great opportunity for gnld distributors to market their gnld websites and blogs.


This is a very wonderful site that also provides a free offer for people to place local classified Ads that later turned into international. It works in the way that, the prospect is able to locate the place where the person who placed an Ad is. It also has a premium provision.

eBay Classifieds (Kijiji)

This one is owned by eBay and also specific to operate in some countries like US, Canada, Taiwan and others.


This is another site that gives people a chance to place classified Ads for free; it works in international cities in Asia, US, the whole of European cities and very many others.

For free online gnld training, click this link to join.

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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