Gnld marketing/compensation plan give a chance to poor people to start the business


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Of all the network marketing companies, gnld makes starting up capital very simple; it is very low for everyone to get a chance to changes his/her life. That is why one of the core values of the gnld company is; it is an equal opportunity for all. There is meaning in this core value which is providing the best affordable opportunity to whoever wants it. Equal opportunity means that anyone can afford to pay the little money it takes to join.


Many network marketing companies have come out day and night, at the same time many have quit the industry. This is because some of them do not favor the poor people also to start from scratch to master a fortune. Gnld is good at this; no one can fail to start up the gnld business unless someone is not interested in starting up the gnld business. The starting capital is as a little as the money everyone can afford.



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The following reasons proves that gnld start up capital is very little, anyone can afford it

Gnld performs better in Africa.

When we talk about Africa, many people understand what we mean when it comes to the financial issues. People do not have enough money, but because gnld’s starting capital is very little, many people in Africa have changed their lives using the gnld opportunity. Gnld came in Africa in 1971 and up to date, it still exists. I have seen people in Africa who had completely nothing and today they are living the lives of their dreams, hadn’t gnld opportunity been affordable for everyone, I wonder where these people would be by now


Gnld operates in 56+ all over the world

Not every company can reach this far most especially if the startup capital is too high. The reason whyt gnld has reached all these continents is because of the little money that gives everyone a chance to start doing the gnld opportunity.


Gnld opportunity is done by many students and people below 25 years.

Many young people in the entire world try to look for opportunities to make additional income but the only limitation is the startup capital, with gnld, you do not have to first graduate to start working, even a student can save some little money from what the parents gives him/her and manage to raise the startup capital that gnld requires.


Gnld has been in existence for about 56 years

This justifies the point that gnld is affordable to start by everyone. If something is too expensive to start, few people starts it and the company end up quitting the business. Gnld has been around for that and it will continue to stay since many people can afford joining it


In the conclusion, gnld is an opportunity to change all people’s lives irrespective of their financial background. It does not matter the financial history of you family, you can join and change it


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