A gnld upline is like a signpost, he points at where the downline is going


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The gnld upline has to show the gnld downline what to do but not doing it for him/her. Both parties have different roles in building the gnld business. Sponsoring someone in the gnld business simply means helping that person get an opportunity to use to realize his/her dreams.

Many gnld distributors think that, it is their uplines to do for them the gnld business. This cannot happen, a gnld downline owns a business and he/she should not put his business in the hands of an upline. Many distributors who do it end up waiting for their uplines to tell them when to qualify and when not to qualify. It is the responsibility of everyone to make the decision in his/her gnld business. The statement “a gnld upline is like a signpost, he just points at the direction where the downline is heading” simply means that, the upline just shows you the opportunity and how to do it.

There are several things a gnld upline has to point at for his/her downlines to do to become successful in the gnld business. Let us look at them briefly.

#     Gnld upline must show his/her downlines the best trainings.

Trying to build the gnld business without having a good training is like trying to go to a certain destination and use the road that goes to a totally different direction. This means you will never reach to the destination you are intending to go to. As a gnld upline, you have to find out the trainings that your downline needs and you recommend them to him/her to get the information he/she needs for his business to explode.

#   Gnld upline must show his/her downlines how to sell products.

We all know that it is trough selling that we make money in gnld opportunity. For that matter, the upline has to make sure that the downline understands the concept of selling by making sure that the downline;

  • Raises his/her confidence
  • Improves the communication skills
  • Improve his/her dress code
  • Prospect everyday

#   Gnld upline must show his/her downlines how to demonstrate the gnld cleaning products.

Demonstrating gnld products is one way of making the gnld distributors understand that the products work. This gives them the courage to start using the products before they start think of selling the products.

#     Gnld upline must show his/her downlines other upline in the gnld business.

When the gnld distributors have just joined the business, the only person they know is you (upline). You have to expose them to your uplines to congratulate him/her to get more confidence about the business he has joined.

In the conclusion, being a great leader in gnld business contributes much to the growth and development of someone’s gnld business. This is done through learning to show the downlines what to do for the business to grow.






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