Make people say YES to your online network marketing business to grow



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All online network marketing business builders aim at one thing, which is, making people say YES to join their businesses. It is the main thing in building a network marketing business using internet. The reason as to why people resort to internet is because, they want to reach out to as many people as possible. There is a limit to how many people you can reach out to in offline network marketing. There are so many things you cannot do in offline network marketing business. Reaching out to so many people does not necessary mean that all these people are going to say YES to your business. Some will say YES and others will say NO

Making people say YES to join the online network marketing is different from talking to people. Many people present to as many people as possible their mlm internet marketing opportunities, but they win few of these people. That is not the right way. The best way to do network marketing business online is focusing on making the prospects say YES to your business. After all we are not judged or paid basing on the number of people we talk to, we are paid basing on the products we sell through our organizations (teams)

There are different ways you can make people say yes to your online network marketing business;


  1. Show the prospect that you are trying to help him/her not helping your self

The major mistake in trying to sponsor someone in online network marketing business is showing the prospect that you want to use him/her. People do not join your business for you to become successful. They join the mlm internet marketing business to realize their dreams too. It is better to show the prospects the benefits he/she will get. This is done through creating the need for the prospect to realize that he/she needs the opportunity. Just show the prospect what he/she will get but not what you will get when he/she joins the business.

  1. Involve your uplines to motivate the prospect after your presentation

We all have different styles we use to present network marketing business online. The prospect might not be motivated to join your online network marketing business just because of the way you present your mlm opportunity. It is better to get support from your uplines. Am not saying that, it is your upline to do the presentation on your behalf, but what am saying is, present first then call one of your uplines to come and do the motivation. That way, the prospect will find the reason of saying YES to your online network marketing business.

  1. Give the prospect some products to use

Some people join internet network marketing business just to use the prospects that is why you have to join an online network marketing company whose products do what the products manufacturer say they do. Giving a sample of a product is a very smart strategy to make the prospects say YES to your online network marketing business. When people use the products, they find it easier to share the information about the products they have used using their testimonies.

  1. Give the prospect books about online network marketing business to read

Many people who build their mlm businesses online think that the prospects understand the business in the first presentation, this is wrong in fact, this will never happen. Many people outside there are ignorant about online network marketing. They only use internet for sending and receiving mails plus using some social networks like facebook, pinterest, Skype and many others. Your introduction to the doing the business online might not make sense for the first time. Go ahead and give the prospect books about the opportunity you are talking about for more clarification and insight.

  1. Follow up on the prospect at least twice a week

Online network marketing statistics show that many people do not join the first day you talk to them about the business. This call for creating a fantastic system to enable you follow up on these people. Many people think that follow up in online network marketing simply means sending mails to the prospects everyday which not right. Follow up means strengthening the relationship you have with the prospect.

In the conclusion, no matter how many people you talk to about your internet network marketing business as long as they do not say YES and click on the shopping cart, you might never make money from this industry. You have to learn to seal the deal with the people you talk to about your business.


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