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traffics gneration

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Having a gnld blog/website if different from having a gnld blog/website that is visited by many people. The primary reason for starting up a gnld blog is by getting prospects for both gnld opportunity and the gnld products. for that matter, any gnld distributor who is doing the gnld business online has to thing about generating traffics to get people to say YES to the gnld opportunity and also gnld products


This is a process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular blog/website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of the results returned by a search engine.

This is a very important tool to master if you are to promote a network marketing blog/website online without spending a lot of money. It involves in searching for key words and phrases which are related to your network marketing blog/website to rank properly in the search engine for people to see it.

The point to know here is; the more people you get on your network marketing blog, the higher the chances of getting those who will say yes to your opportunity. It like in offline network marketing where you have to go out and talk to more people and you find out those who join your business. The good thing with SEO is, people come to you but not you asking them to join your business.

  • The number of back links

A backlink is a link directed to a website/blog from another site. The more backlinks you get on your website/blog, it indicates that your site is very important because many people want to use it. This is a very important factor when it comes to the site ranking on the first pages of the top search engines.

  • On-page factor

This is about the technicalities involved in building a website or a blog. It is advisable to build a professional blog/website and if you are not sure of how it is done. I can always support you.(

There are quite a number of factors that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Aol, Wow, Info and very many others consider to make the website/blog rank on the first page and here are some of those factors.

  • Domain age.

This means the time the domain name has been registered with the search engines. When you have just registered a domain name, do not expect it to work rank like a domain name that has been registered for some time. This should not stop you from registering because still your new domain can rank properly, there is just a simple difference.

  • Key word as first word in the domain name.

This is a very important SEO factor that determines also the ranking of the website/blog on the first page. According to a domain that starts with their target key word, high high chances of ranking on the first page than a domain with a target key word in the middle or the one without ant target key word

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