Prostate cancer prevention

Prostate cancer is one of the diseases that kill men all over the world. The most unfortunate thing is, many men have not yet understood how exactly prostate cancer comes. There is confusion where some men think that prostate cancer is caused by some viruses. The fact is, prostate cancer is caused by lacking mineral called zinc which is very important in a very useful gland below the bladder called prostate gland. A young boy starts to lose zinc the day he is borne; zinc is lost from the body through urinating, excreting, sweating and vey many other ways. During the process of growing up, many people do not eat foods which are rich in zinc like pumpkin seeds which give the prostate gland enough zinc that is needed yet the one in the body are lost daily. When the prostate gland does not get enough zinc, it starts swelling; it swells both in and out. When it swells in, the urethra (urine passage) is block and time comes when the urine does not have enough passage. Once this happens, it means that the only alternative is bypassing the urine using a pipe called a catheter. This is a very painful pipe that is inserted in the bladder which is used to urinate after the urethra has been blocked. You can now imagine the kind of pain that the person suffering from this condition can go through. This disease starts the day a boy is borne, it keeps growing gradually and usually, it is realized when someone reaches 45 years and above. The probability of getting this disease is one (1) for every man since ever man has a prostate gland. This calls for a very serious attention for all men. We encourage every man to go and carryout a test about prostate cancer. This test is called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), a test they use to diagnose prostate cancer. It is very important to find out your status about the prostate cancer so that you can prevent it well. The only way to survive from prostate cancer according to United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is to eat at least a half a kilo (½) of fresh pumpkin seeds or watermelon seeds daily. The good news is, gnld has come up with a very wonderful product called chelated zinc, a product that has the zinc which is very useful to prevent prostate cancer, you do not have to first wait to get prostate cancer in order for you to start thinking about preventing it. Supplement with this product daily to prevent prostate cancer. Place an order.

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