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Network marketing is about talking to people and introducing a new business idea to them so that you can build a very big organization that can move products or services. The fact is, in network marketing we only earn when the products move which means that, the more the products move, the more money that goes to your account. This calls for talking to a number of people on a daily basis so as you can build a very big organization to move many products at a time.

Talking to people about network marketing offline is a little bit harder, but talking to people about network marketing opportunity online is very easy. The beauty about it is that, this time people come to you, but not you going to them. This is the most exciting part about doing a network marketing business online. It gives you a chance to stop hunting prospects and you start fishing the prospects.

Talking to 100 people per hour about a network marketing business opportunity simply means having a network marketing blog/website that gets 2400 visitors in 24 hours. This is possible. It is just a matter of becoming smart and knowing the direction your network marketing blog/website has to be. Of course this will not happen in the month of your network marketing blog/website launch, sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard depending on the way you have mastered the art of doing it and also doing the main things on a daily basis.

There are four smart different ways of how you can customize your network marketing blog/website to start getting 2400 visitors within 24 hours and here they are;

Record a video explains your network marketing opportunity.

Statistics shows that almost 60% of people do not read the information they find on web/blog pages. There must be another strategy on how you can also get these kind of prospect understand what exactly you are doing and how they can benefit from it and that is using video marketing. Many people find it easier just to watch a video and understand than reading articles posted on websites/blogs.

Recording a video about a network marketing opportunity is very easy, just answer the following 4 (four) questions in the video using key words properly you will get people watch your videos and join your business.

  1. Of the entire network marketing companies, why yours?
  2. How long does it take someone to start making money in your network marketing company?
  3. What are the products and services your network marketing company is dealing in?
  4. What are the benefits of joining your network marketing company?


Build a very solid social media audience.

Different social Medias have billion users. A social media audience is built in time. The more sense you post on your social media account, the more the serious people follow you. The fact is, each kind of information targets a specific group of people. If you know that you mean business, of course you have to go ahead and indicate it in the information you post on your social media account. Usually, I encourage people to take their social media pages like network marketing blog by writing about a topics related to their network marketing companies and opportunities. Doing that help you get many people visit your network marketing blog/website and that is sponsoring.

Write a network marketing blog daily.

Posting information on your network marketing blog daily is one way to get many people’s attention. Usually, before people join any network marketing business they find out whom they should work with because of the constant support that is required in building a network marketing business. When these people realize that you are a hard working person, they choose you to be their upline. The best way to do this is by showing the commitment of at least posting a blog on your network marketing blog daily. This doesn’t only increase people’s belief but also it increases the number of referral.

Give the network marketing blog/website more time.

We all know and believe that network marketing business is a part time business which is right, but at the end of the day, when you do the business likely; you end up getting likely results. There is always some time wasted doing nothing or sleeping. It is better to work now and rest in 5 years to come than resting now and retire very late, old and broke at the same time.

In the conclusion, talking to people about a network marketing opportunity online is more easily compared to doing the business offline where you have to do a presentation to one person at a time. Working smart simply means having a personal system that can generate results without stressing you. You do not have to do what the upline does, you only have to get a system that works for you and that is a system that help you talk to as many people as possible daily for your business to grow.


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