Network marketing is a people business



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Doing network marketing business is the surest way to building a fortune and building a fortune involves building a network of people with different skills to work hard for their dreams to come to pass and in the process, you also realize your dreams.
Network marketing being a people business simply means helping others realize their dreams. No one can succeed in network marketing business alone. There is an element of all of us needing one another and each other needing all of us. The only challenging thing with building a network of people is lacking enough skills to work with many people at the same time.
There are so many ways to work with different people from different walks of life and some of which are the following.
Focus on people’s strength not their weaknesses.
The fact is, people have very many weaknesses and if you stick on their weaknesses, there is nothing that can be done. It is better you find out what each person can do best and stick on that. Remember at least everyone has a skill, as an upline, make sure that you know what your downs can do best and focus on that.
Never blame/ criticize what people do
Naturally, people do not want to be blamed and criticized. For that matter, avoid making negative statements about what people do. The more you blame people, the more they run away from you yet network marketing is about bring people close to you. There are different ways you can talk about mistakes people do by not attacking them direct.
Recognize people for the small effort they put in the business.
Many upline want their downlines to work like machines for them to realize their dreams. That is not being a good leader, you only have to focus on helping people realize their dreams and in the end you also realize yours. This calls for appreciating whatever effort the downline put in the business.
Work on downline’s attitude.
Having a positive attitude is part of success in network marketing business. This is because, you can never get results from something that you do not believe in. as an upline, make sure that downlines have a positive mental attitude all through by encouraging them to read motivational books about network marketing industry.
Don’t build business associates, but build friends
It is very easy to work with a friend than working with a business associates. This is because, friends find it easier to tell you what they are going through, and you get the solution together. Many times business associates can go and look for other opportunity but friends will always be there in both tough times and good times.
In the conclusion, we all have skills to use to build a long lasting network of people but the most challenging thing is failing to use these skills.

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