Online network marketing is an open system, anyone can fit in




Statistics shows that many people are broke because of not having what to do to earn a living. Online network marketing has made it possible for everyone who thinks that he/she should succeed in life to have an opportunity to fall back on. It is the only opportunity in the entire world where all people irrespective of their experiences come together to start running the same business.

The beauty about online network marketing is, internet does much of the talking on the behalf of the business owner, all you have to do is simply dedicating some little time to a network marketing blog/website on a daily basis and the results start looking for you. If have seen people who barely have academic credentials, but they have managed to build a network marketing business online. All this is because it is an open system in the sense that, everyone can do it.

Starting network marketing business is easy for everyone but usually success is for those who are willing to go extra mile where many cannot reach. It is because of this reason that many people quit network marketing before celebrating one year in the business. The good news is, much as many people are hesitant when it comes to starting a network marketing business thinking that it is a sales business, internet has changed everything. It is only internet that can save people to succeed in network marketing business shortly without spending much of the time to start earning the money.


Justification of online network marketing being an open system.

Anyone can access it

Online network marketing opportunity is not limited to a certain tribe, country, religion or anything, but it is accessed by everyone provided the person is on this planet. It is just a matter of using internet to get a business that someone can do and the grate grand parents will find it. As long as the owner of the network marketing blog/website knows how to play around with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) properly, he will always get new people to sponsor in his/her business and also new people to buy his/her products.

I have built a network marketing business almost in all continents simply because, everyone on this planet has access to my business. My work is simply displaying my business properly online and people start asking to work with me.



Only basic computer skills are required to run the business

Doing network marketing online does not require someone who knows computer programming. As long as someone can read and write, that is the only requirement. Many people think that doing network marketing online requires someone who has studied computer programming which is not right. As long as you can get someone to do for you technical parts like designing a professional blog / website the rest of the work can be easily done. This really makes online network marketing being and open system for someone to fit in.






No academic credentials required

In the really world, getting a job is hard as fixing a square metal into a round hole. For internet network marketing is different, no one is asked for credentials as long as someone can go online and click on the join button and subscribe that is all.

Starting capital can be raised by everyone

Online network marketing is only business you can start with very limited capital. In fact that is why it is called an equal opportunity for all. Some of the financial requirements are;

  • Starting fee (joining fees)
  • Stock fee
  • Blog/web designing fee
  • Web/blog hosting fee

NB: If you feel this is too much to invest, you can go ahead and try other businesses

Anyone can sell online no skills required

Selling online is not a face to face transaction which most people are afraid of, it is just a matter of learning to display the services and the products you are offering. That is all, people will start looking for you. You do not have to go for people this time round but instead, they start looking for you. This makes online network marketing an open system .

In conclusion, anyone can join and succeed in network marketing as long he has a dream


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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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