Pregnancy and nutrition







Pregnancy and nutrition are two things we cannot differentiate. They have to move together if someone is to give birth to a healthy baby. The mistake people make is to think that it is automatic to produce a healthy baby which is wrong. There is some special food you have to eat and so many other things you have to do while pregnant in order to give birth to a baby whose body can be resistant to all the diseases that attack children.

There are two people to protect when someone is pregnant. First of all, the person carrying the baby needs special protection and the baby that is being carried also needs special protection. The kind of protection am talking about is not to be provided by army men with guns but by the food we eat. The saying, “we are what we eat” begins the day a mother conceives. What the pregnant mother eats is what the baby in the womb also feed on.

One of the things that are delicate is a pregnant woman; she needs special attention, special food, special care and special treatment. All this is because; the process of giving birth is not something to joke with. Many women have passed on in the process of giving birth, but there is some food you can eat and the journey becomes easy.

How to see that you are pregnant?

There are quite a number of pregnancy symptoms and some of them are

  • The first and the main symptom is missing periods though someone can miss periods for other reasons.
  • Food cravings
  • Increased urination
  • Tender breasts

Tips on what to do after realizing that you are pregnant

Get a personal midwife or doctor.

This help you to get advise on how to handle the the pregnancy since it is a bit complicated.

Read about pregnancy

Many people don’t want to read about health forgetting that we only live once. Health is our greatest assets and we don’t have to play around with it. I would encourage a pregnant woman to read books about pregnancy to get tips on how to handle.


There are a number of benefits of exercise for a pregnant woman

  1. Eases labor process
  2. Manage distress
  3. Speeds um postpartum recovery
  4. Prevents constipation
  5. Makes sleep easy
  6. Very many others

What to eat when pregnant to protect a bay

This is the most important part of the equation of pregnancy. Our bodies are as a result of what we eat. We eat well, we get good health. For a pregnant woman it is a different case because the food they have to eat is to be used for them and also the baby inside. Let us look at some of the foods a pregnant woman has to eat;

Fruits and vegetables






These are meant to boost the immunity of a pregnant woman so that she does not fall sick all the time. Gnld international has a products like carotenoid complex, flavonoid complex, cruciferous plus. All these are nutritional supplements made out of fruits and vegetables


Eggs are very import nutritious food a pregnant woman needs to feed the baby inside the womb. They provide nice calories for both a baby and the mother.

Salmon oil.







This is oil that is only got from a fish called salmon oil which I believe most people don’t have access to. It is is this oil that help the brain development of the baby inside the womb and also eases the labor process of the mother.

The good news about this is that, gnld international has a nutritional supplement called omega 3 salmon oil plus that pregnant women can supplement with.








Beans are another food that is recommended for a pregnant woman because they provide enough fiber and proteins. On addition to this, gnld has products called nutrishake that provides the 22 amino acid to support pregnant women.

In the conclusion, pregnancy is something delicate which requires special attention, special care and special treatment. Supplement with gnld products to ease labor process and also give good health to a baby.


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