Tips on how to training network marketing downlines online

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Training is one of the main activities that have to appear on the daily to-do-list of the network marketing business builder. Many people join network marketing both online and offline without any knowledge about the business they are joining and the knowledge about people skills.

It is the responsibility of the upline in both online network marketing and offline network marketing to train a downline so that they are also knowledgeable about the business they are doing. There are so many topics to cover in online network marketing trainings to help the new entrants understand the business properly like;

  • How to prospect online
  • Selling online
  • Online communication
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Many others

Doing a network marketing training offiline is a bit easy, but it is always a challenge when it comes to doing the same training to people online who are very far away from you. With the kind of technology that has come on market, training people online is now easy. There are both free tools to use and some tools to be bought to use in online network marketing training. There are two very important free tools someone can use to train downlines online;

  1. Wallwisher

Wallwisher is an online noticeboard where someone can be in position to build classroom walls where the trainer can be in position to post web links, images, videos and audios. There is also a chance for the wallwisher to be used to bookmark important websites that trainees think that they need

  1. Prezi

This is a tool that is used to present power point slides to an online class. It provides a provision for presenting text slides, video clips and images.

The following are some of the tips on how someone can train and maintain an online network marketing class.

Work on downline’s beliefs.

Training means transformation. You have to be able to provide information to people that can impact them. The first step in doing this is by changing the negative perception of the downlines into the positive perception.

People join network marketing business with totally a different perception and negative attitude. There are some who join thinking that they have gotten a job yet network marketing is a business, some join thinking that network marketing is a get rich quick scheme which is wrong. As an upline, it is your responsibility to change the mentality of the downlines and also work on their belief.

Have an online training

It is unfortunate that people want to have downlines around the world yet they are not in position to communicate to them apart from making phone calls. That is not the way how things are done, there must be a system that enables these downlines get knowledge about the kind of business they are doing and this can be done through online training.

Record videos showing how to do network marketing business online.

Videos are very good when it comes to training online. There are so many people who don’t want to read but the same people can sit behind and watch a video tutorial that guide them to do something. Use videos as a training platform for your downlines to understand how thing are done.

In the conclusion, no one can succeed in a business he/she doesn’t understand. As an upline, you are a leader and you have to take the responsibility to train people on how to do the business.


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