Sponsoring people in network marketing is a process not a deal

stepsSponsoring in network marketing is not part of the business, but it is the business itself. For that matter, we have to take sponsoring in network marketing business as a daily activity if we are get as many people as we want into the business.

Many people think that it is just a matter of talking to people and from there and then they say YES to the business opportunity they are talking about which is not the case. Getting the right people in a network marketing business is not a deal that you seal in one minute that is why follow up is part of sponsoring people in network marketing business. ­­­­

Many people have taken an initiative to write books and articles about network marketing sponsoring, but they don’t stretch the point of network marketing sponsoring being a process and many people try sponsoring with an attitude of sealing the deal in the process of sponsoring. You will find many of them recruit instead of sponsoring. They think it is about collecting people to be together without helping them.

Sponsoring is a skill that all network marketing business builders have to learn. The more knowledge you get about it, the more you practice it and the more people you talk to about the business. Sponsoring people in a network marketing business is not a miracle that people just join without you talking to them. You must create a need to show people that the opportunity you have is needed by them.

mailThe process of sponsoring people in network marketing business is a cycle;


Sponsoring step 1. Have people look at your network marketing opportunity

This is a very important step when it comes to sponsoring people in the business, but it calls for proper presentation for the opportunity. As a network marketing business builders, you have to learn how to present the opportunity properly so that people can get inspired to take it up

Sponsoringstep 2. Do a one-on-one with them after presenting to them

Doing one-on-one to people who have looked at your opportunity is something very important because people usually don’t take the opportunity the first time they come across it. There must be a second chance to meet such people and talk with them to find out why these people want to join the business and what moves them.

Sponsoring step 3. Send motivational massages about the business to them daily

Motivating people who have taken an initiative to give their contacts about the network marketing opportunity is very smart way to remind people about the existence of the opportunity that can change their lives. People usually lose the motivation when they go away from a network marketing presentation. They inquire from their friends, families and others who are totally negative about the business and discourage them. Therefore, you have to keep the motivational temperature up.

Sponsoring step 4. Ask them to pay registration fee to join the business

Many people fear to ask prospects to pay the money to join the business. They tend to look into prospect’s pockets quickly and think that maybe they cannot afford to pay the registration fee. Never fear to ask the prospect to pay to join the business because they cannot become distributors not until they pay the registration fee.

On addition to the above point, never pay for a prospect to join the business. When you pay for them, they never value the business and according to the research I have done, most people who don’t pay quit along the way.

Sponsoringstep 5. Train them about the products/services and the network marketing business

I don’t expect people to join any network marketing company without any product or service because joining such companies makes you to be a product or a service yourself.

When a person joins, you have to train them about the product and service the company deals in because no one can sell a product that they don’t know.

Sponsoring step 6. Work on their attitude

Making downlies have a positive mental attitude is the leadership step taken while building a network marketing business because if the downlines are negative about the business, they end up not succeeding in the business because they will never take things seriously.

Sponsoring step 7. Show them how to sell products

For many times in my blog posts, I have repeated this point. Showing is different from telling, it would be better you show the downline how to sell but not telling them how it is done. Showing someone involves practical practice that enable the downline learn properly how to win the sale.

Sponsoring step 8. Show them how to sponsor people in the business

Showing the downline how to sponsor new people in his business simply means teaching them these 9 steps we have talked about today in this post. Make sure that you teach downlines that they have to learn how talk to people and follow these procedures.

Sponsoring step 9. Leave them to be independent

It would be better to leave a downline after he has succeeded in the business because usually, there many new lessons to teach a downline even when he has already made it that is why training in network marketing doesn’t stop.

In the conclusion, following these 9 stapes in sponsoring people in the business help you get the right people to work in the business. It is not about recruiting, but it is sponsoring.

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