Tips for retaining downlines in internet network marketing business










Network marketing business is a business that is built with people. And these people are called uplines and downlines. Because of that, as an upline, you must have all tricks and skills on retaining downlines if the network marketing business is to give you the results you want.

Retaining downline in network marketing business is a skill that is supposed to be learned though it is very easy. It is about learning people skills. When you learn people skills, then you are in position to retain people in your team. It one thing to sponsor people in network marketing business and it is another thing to retain them. It is not about bringing people and after some time they quit then you bring others, but it is about getting people and mentor them to change their lives using network marketing opportunity.

I usually ask people I sponsor in the business the kind of treatment they want and I keep it in mind. This guides me on how to deal with everyone. Different people need different treatments basing on their backgrounds. People want to be treated in a special way and for some people, they find it okay to treat them anyhow and for others they need special treatment. You have to find out from each downline and that is how people will always be closer to you.

Some of the tips for retaining downline in network marketing are;




  • Help downlines make money

Statistics shows that 95% of people who join network marketing join to make an extra income. This calls for a very special attention on what to do to retain people in the network marketing business. Many people have worked for quite some time without achieving their financial goals and dreams and that is why they take up the network marketing opportunities. It would be better you help them realize their financial goals as early as possible.

Doing this is very easy; it is just a matter of helping them sell to make money daily. The fact is, making a lot of money from network marketing business takes time, but the beauty about it is, you can make money through sales on a daily basis. This is exactly what you have to do to help your downlines stay in the business.

  • Make people in your team friends not just downlines

Friends are different from downlines. Many network marketing distributors have downlines who are not their friends and end up losing them. Being a friend to downlines in network marketing business simply means listening to what the downlines want and help them get it. People join network marketing businesses when they are new to an industry and for that matter, you have to treat them like little children and give them full support to take their businesses to the next level.

  • Help people sponsor to get personal teams

When people have downlines sometimes they find it hard to quit the business because they don’t want to leave their teams behind. They become responsible people and keep in mind that they have people to support realize their dreams.

Helping downlines sponsor doesn’t mean that sponsor for them; it simply means show them how it is done. We train our downline on a daily basis on how to make people say YES to their businesses and they end up sponsoring them.

  • Help downlines have their independent blogs/websites

One of the things that raise the confidence of the downlines is helping them have a person website/blog that they use to run their businesses on a daily basis. It really gives them courage to go extra miles to do the business because of the value it puts on their network marketing businesses. It stops them from quitting and gives the business much time to get people buy their products and also sponsor people in the businesses. All our downlines have personal blogs they use in their business and they are proud of it. Think about it?

In the conclusion, each person you retain in the business matters even if he is not active now one day he will be active and the results will show up. Find all they want and use it to motivate and inspire them to stay in the business.

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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