Building the GNLD business in 60 countries in one year







All gnld distributors are aware that gnld operates all over the world and because of this, it would be better for all distributors to learn all the skills necessary to build an international gnld business. This is very easy as long as someone learns internet marketing. This is the only solution to that kind of mega success because with internet, you can be in position to expose the business round the world.

Internet marketing involves the use of social media, videos, and other materials to spread information all over the global. This eases the communication to reach so many people in different parts of the glob in just a few seconds. I have built my gnld business in very many different countries with the support of internet. I just give my gnld blog a few hours a day and people come to me asking me to make them join and also to buy my products.

Building a gnld business worldwide involves internet marketing through;

  • Using social media strategy

Social media are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. The numbers of social media today are very many they are uncountable though many people only know the common ones like the Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, Skype and other few.

If you are smart enough, you can really build the gnld business round the world using these social media. I have connected my gnld blog to different social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiter to help me share the information that I post and indeed I get great results from these social media.

  • Generate mail lists

sign up




Placing a clear and conspicuous form on each blog post you post on a gnld blog helps in facilitating email sign-ups for the visitors that come to your gnld blog from all over the world. This is a very simple step to take in the process of building the gnld business round the world since people will be interested in your opportunity and the products as well.

Make sure that you put a mail sign-up box on the gnld blog for people to give you their mails, I always put a comment box on every blog post I post on my gnld blog and through this, people type in their E-mail and that is how I get them.

  • Running Ads targeting different group of people in different countries

Running Ads is one of the ways someone can use to build the gnld business across the world. There are many people looking for opportunities to do part time and from home. You can reach such people by Ads.

  • Using videos




Videos are of great use when it comes to exposing gnld business globally. There is no limit to how many people that can sit and watch videos about the gnld business you post on YouTube which is a free system for people to market their businesses.

In conclusion, there is nothing easier than building the gnld business globally, all you need is a gnld blog and you start exposing your business to whoever that comes online. For more tips on how to get a gnld blog, send me a mail on

About sonkohassan

am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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