Changing a network marketing company is like a dog chasing its tail, it will never find it



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Network marketing is a business that is not built over night. If you think of changing network marketing company and join another one, first take some time and read this article before you make your final decision about it. There are many people who think that new network marketing companies are very favorable to them claiming that they come after revising the marketing plans of others that have been on the market for so long which is not the case. All network marketing companies are almost the same apart from a few benefits that some companies give to their distributors which some don’t give. Some of those benefits are;

  • Travel incentives
  • Prizes like expensive cars
  • Free products
  • And very many others

The fact is, if your challenge is sponsoring in a certain network marketing company, switching to another company will not solve that challenge, likewise even selling. It would be better you take time and understand how other people are doing it in your network marketing company. The more you practice, the more you learn new skills and realize your weaknesses.

There is another category of network marketing reps that quit to join a new network marketing company with the mentality that they are the first to join so they will make others be under them and work for them. That is not also true, if you are a failure, you are a failure. you will also fail in the new network marketing company because the downlines in network marketing businesses don’t work for uplines, but they are brought to be help to realize their dreams and in the process of doing so, the uplines also achieve great results.

Here are some reasons as to why almost 90% of network marketing business builders change companies

  • The hope to get the easy network marketing compensation plan

Naturally poor people want simple things. They will always find all possible ways to get things that are in their favor, but the fact is, easy things and free things don’t work. There is a price to be paid in life for everything. All the network marketing companies I know apart from the pyramid schemes are operating on the principle of market expansion. The more market you create with the support of the downlines, the more your bank account gets happy. That is all, there is nothing more than that when it comes to network marketing.

  • Lack of focus

Lacking focus is another disease that is making people quit network marketing companies and join others. People join with let me try mentality and they end up failing, of course you cannot succeed by trying things, but you can succeed by doing things. Have focus in the network marketing business and set goal to beat. That way, you will never look for another network marketing company.

  • Taking long to make money in a network marketing company

For so many people, they want quick money and because of that, they will join whoever promises them to make a million dollar in one day. Businesses take time to grow, there is nothing like making quick money in the network marketing industry unless you start your personal network marketing company in form of a charity and you just give people money, that way, quick money will be earned.

  • Misunderstanding of network marketing business being a job

Statistics show that most people don’t understand the network marketing industry before joining it. They keep thinking that network marketing works like a job which is not the case. They take too much time thinking that their uplines are their bosses and so they are working for them which is not the case and in the processes, they quit and look for another network marketing company to join. That will not solve the problem because, your upline is not successful because of you, he is just helping you to build a business.

In the conclusion, help your downlines understand the concept of network marketing industry because if they don’t understand, there are many people somewhere just looking at them as potential distributors in his/her company.


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