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 Gnld international is one of the few network marketing companies all over the world with the vision and goal of helping people, but not using people. There are many network marketing companies which are using people for the founders and the people who join first to realize their dreams. Gnld international considers people number one because, it is not the products to build the strong business but it is the people to build the business.

For very many years since 1958, gnld international has been changing people’s lives financially and health wise. Different people have a story to tell about the gnld international opportunity if it is not a financially story, it is a health story.

The founder of the gnld international Mr Jerry Brassfield started the opportunity after realizing that the products he used to survive from asthma could also be helpful for other people who could probably be having the same challenge and that is how the gnld international came in existence. He did not start it to make the money, but to help people get their health back and making money as well. Below are some of the few reasons why gnld international is a people empowering people opportunity;

  • People are number one

Looking at the gnld core values closely, people being number is one of these values. For many network marketing companies, they look at the movement of their products first and they forget that the distributors have to be considered first. Gnld is very smart when it comes to considering people in number one position through the VIP treatment given to them

  • The marketing plan is open for everyone to participate

The gnld marketing/compensation plan is not limited to favor a few people. Everyone around the world as long as he/she is above 18, they are free to participate to change their lives and financial status. Gnld international is not like companies that give people opportunities and ask their academic credentials first. The system is open for anyone who has a dream. In fact a dream is the only qualification needed for someone to join the gnld international business. If you have one, it is the gnld opportunity to work as a vehicle for you to realize those dreams.

  • Gnld caters for people’s health

There is no doubt that gnld international is the founder of cellular nutrition and we are proud of that. This was done in 50s still to change people’s lives after they realized that the best way to prevent chronic diseases is through supplementing with foods which can feed the cells properly. I have at least seen people testifying about how the gnld products gave them back hope.

  • All gnld distributors are treated equally

In gnld international, all distributors are equal. This is a sign of fairness and respect given to people. In many network marketing companies, the people who join first make their downlines work for them which is not the same case with gnld international. In fact in gnld international, before an upline earns, the downline earns first. All this is done to show that people are valued thus making the gnld international opportunity being a people empowering people opportunity.

In conclusion, it is the people to build the business not products. If you are to build a long lasting business like the way gnld has done it for the last 56 years, you have to value people you are doing business with. Join gnld and be valued while changing your life and health.




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