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A network marketing website/blog is an office for the network marketing business builder who think smart to do the business online and because of that, there is a need for always upgrading and analyzing the performance of the website/blog. It is not about just hosting the network marketing blog, but there is too much work involved to monitor the progress of the business on the internet.

A network marketing blog/website is system and any system comes down due to some factors sometimes. There are very many things we have to do to see that the network marketing business runs well online by the help of the blog/website. The good news today is that I have taken time to write a few things in this blog about doing network marketing business online that I do to make sure that my network marketing business runs well online

It is not you the owner of the network marketing blog/website to like your blog. It is the visitors to like how your blog looks like so that they can continuously pay a visit to your blog and in the process, they either join your network marketing business or buy your products. The only challenge the people who do network marketing business online face is that they do what makes them happy instead of doing what their online prospects want. Remember that you are not the one to sign up in your business and also to buy your products, but the people who visit your network marketing blog are the prospects so cater for them







Let us see how to carry out analysis for the performance of the network marketing blog/website from the people who visit it. You just have to set a very simple tool(questionnaire) including the following questions.

  • Do you easily find the purpose of this network marketing blog/website?
  • Where do your eyes go first the moment you land on this network marketing blog/website?
  • How do you find the content on this network marketing website/blog?
  • If you were looking for an opportunity would you easily ask me to sponsor you in my network marketing business?
  • Can you easily find the products that I sell here on my network marketing blog/wensite?
  • How do you see the colors and images on this network marketing blog/website?
  • Is there a clear call to take action on this network marketing blog/website?
  • Are the paragraphs short enough to be read easily on my network marketing blog/website?
  • How do you find the fonts I used on this network marketing website/blog?
  • In case you wanted to contact me in just a second, do you find it easy to find my contacts to contact me about my network marketing opportunity and products?
  • Do you easily find social media icons here on my website/blog?
  • Do you feel you are part of the network marketing blog/website?

This is the best way to find out the changes you have to make to get enough prospects online and remember that the more people who get on your network marketing blog, the more people you sponsor into the business and also the more the search engines supports to rank highly.

Just carry out a survey of just about 600 people to find out how your network marketing blog/website works. Give the business enough time it will yield the results you have always wanted to get.

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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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