How to turn online customers into downlines in network marketing business


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There are two main things in online network marketing and that is, selling products/services and sponsoring people into the network marketing business. Anyone to succeed in the online network marketing opportunity has to be a great sales person and at the same time a people person to sponsor people in the network marketing business that is why, doing a network marketing business on online helps you meet a lot people who can say yes to your services and your products as well. Almost all people who can buy from you online can join your network marketing business so long as you build a strong relationship with them and these are good people because they already know what the products do.

Doing a network marketing business online doesn’t require people who are genius, but it requires people who are smart enough to maximize all opportunities available to build a long lasting business using internet. The good thing is, there has never been a perfect time to do the network marketing business online like now where almost all the tools required to do the business online are available.

Buying from you doesn’t mean that the customer doesn’t like an extra income. There are many people who just know about the products/services you are dealing in and they don’t know the network marketing opportunity behind those products/services. As an online business builder, you have to become smart and talk to those customers about the opportunity you have. Chances are high that they will pick it up most especially when the products/services you sell to them satisfies them

Here are the tips on how your online customers can become your downlines in your online network marketing business

  • Build a strong relationship with them.

Building a strong relationship with online customers is something very easy anyone can do. It is just a matter of finding out what a customer needs and fills the gap. In life people like satisfaction so much and the more you make them satisfied, the more they get closer to you.

Giving online customers what they need involves a few things;

  • Being honest while explaining the products/services to them
  • Maintaining constant communication
  • Asking the feedback from the customers after serving them
  • Giving customers prizes
  • An very many other things

Doing all these things to an online customer makes them feel proud of you and they will always be closer to you. This means that they will follow what you tell them to do and that is joining your business.

  • Assure the customers to get the products/services on a discount after joining

Most of the network marketing companies I know give their distributors a chance to get the products/services they are dealing in on a discount. This motivates the customers to join your business because everyone wants to same money for other things. You have to introduce this idea to them because most of these customers don’t know that offer.

  • Ask the customers to recommend someone who they think is interested in making additional income

If you realize that your online customer is totally not interested in joining the business. Ask for referrals. People have big social networks like the people they pray with, the neighbors, the workmates, the almoners and very many others. Among these people, there must be at least someone who is looking forward to earn an extra income and by the customer recommend that person; his/her life will change so ask your online customer to give those people.

In the conclusion, all customers both the poor ones and the rich can do the business if you present it in the professional way. The only challenge is the way how to present it which will discourage or encourage the person to go ahead and join the business.


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