Helping downline’s downlines in network marketing helps you build a strong business


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 The term downline is not new to all people doing network marketing business both online and offline. It simply means the people you bring in network marketing business not to work for you, but simply to help them also build their network marketing business. Downlines are very important people because it is through them that the products reach out to so many people for the market to expand. Not all downlines can stay in the network marketing business, but if you learn how to inspire them, they can get closer to you and end up building a long lasting network marketing businesses.

The role of an upline in network marketing business is to help the downline grow in the business. There are very many network marketing companies with funny marketing compensation plans where the downline is a slave for an upline something I don’t believe. For a network marketing company to be good, it has to give a room for the downline to earn irrespective of the influence of the upline.

The network marketing company I do my business with (GNLD), the downline earns first before the upline earns, in fact, there is a standard point value everyone has to make on a monthly basis to qualify to get a cheque. This is very fair because everyone has to work to get paid for the work he/she does.

The best ways to help downline’s downlines are here;

Take charge as an upline

Helping downline’s downlines means being part of his/her equation of success. Always keep in mind that there is nothing like recruiting in network marketing. There is only sponsoring. A sponsor in network marketing is someone who take full responsibility of helping the person his/her downlines brings in the business. This shows taking charge of the business.

Help them identify clients

Few people know how to sell most especially when they are doing it for the first time, as an upline, you have to help the downline learn how to sell so that he/she can also help his/her downline sell the products. In other words, you have to practice the principle of duplication where by, whatever you do; you have also to teach it to your entire team to do so. That will enable you build leadership in your network marketing business.

Train the immediate downline to train his/her downline

Training your immediate downlines helps you in very many ways and one of them is, it gives you relief because your immediate downline will learn how to handle his/her downlines as well. The first thing all network marketing business builders have to look at critically when a downline has joined in their downlishp is providing knowledge to them. It helps them be independent.

In the conclusion, a downline is not an employee in network marketing business, he/she is simply a business associate who you help learn skills and techniques to build his business to start earning money.



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