How to make customers click on ORDER NOW or JOIN NOW the first time they visit your network marketing blog/website



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The main two things in network marketing is selling and sponsoring new people in a network marketing business and it is because of this that all network marketers have to pay too much attention on building a very strong customer base and a list of prospect who will be distributors in future. Building a customer base in network marketing business is a very important topic to teach to downlines in network marketing business since many people join network marketing business when they don’t have any background that is related to marketing.

Both sponsoring and selling in network marketing business might be hard tasks most especially when someone is doing a network marketing business in an ordinary way where he/she has to keep chasing people to tell them about his/her network marketing opportunity and the products he/she is dealing in. the good news is, internet marketing has made network marketing very easy where the network marketer just do some little work and the prospects click to join and also buy the products as well.

Of course it takes time too to build a strong customer base online where people can trust you to always purchase from you, but once you reach the top, no one can do even a quarter of what you can do with internet on a daily basis. Take time and think about having 100 people on a daily basis who visit your network marketing blog/website for a particular product and at least 20 of these people buy. That is a lot of money. If the network marketing company you are doing the business with has over 50 products, that means that you will be sell 20 products multiplied by 50(20X50=1000 products). You can do that when you are in your bed sleeping with the power of internet marketing.

It is the same thing when it comes to sponsoring, the more you position yourself online in the right way while presenting your network marketing opportunity, the more people find you and ask you to sponsor them in your network marketing business.

Let’s look at the tips for making customers click on ORDER NOW the first time they visit your network marketing website.

·        Develop personal products catalogue and display them on the website

Standing out of the crowd is something very important when it comes to selling products on the internet. You have to be unique in everything if people are to buy your products. Unique things attract people’s attention and having a unique catalogue contributes to forcing people to click on the order now to buy the products.

·        Write selling products review

A products review simply means describing the importance of the products. These calls for having knowledge about the product someone is dealing in. someone can write a product review by simply answering the following four questions.

  1. What the product is all about?
  2. Why that products?
  3. How to use the product?
  4. Where to get that product?

By simply answering those four questions, you shall have written a very important product review that can help you make people click on order now to buy your products.

·        Position the ORDER NOW button well

There are very many people who sell things and they don’t know exactly how to position the order now button in the right way. Make sure that this button is seen by whoever visits the network marketing blog/website. This makes it very easy for people to buy the products without having to first contact you.


Tips for making prospects click on JOIN NOW the first time they visit your network marketing website.








·        Create the need; don’t explain your network marketing company

Many people are not interested in join your network marketing company, but they are simply interested in joining an opportunity that can help them realize their financial goals. This is the common mistake most network marketing business builders do when it comes to presenting their network marketing businesses online. Always remember that people are looking for a solution for their financial challenges but not your network marketing opportunity.

·        Share people’s testimonials on your network marketing web page

Naturally people don’t want to do experiments on them, that is to say, they don’t want to be the first ones to join the network marketing opportunity. For that matter, you have to be smart and share success stories of different people who have been in your network marketing companies for so long and they have achieved a lot. Doing this makes it very easy for people to click on join now whenever they visit your network marketing website.

·        Position the JOIN NOW button well

Like the way we explained this same point for selling, it is the same when it comes to making people click on join now the first time they visit your network marketing website. You losing nothing by displaying this button in the right position, but you lose a lot if you don’t do so.

In the conclusion, internet is the right procedure for building a network marketing business because you do the business while sleeping in your bed. Join online network marketing training for more tips on how to build the business using the internet approach



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