A downline in network marketing business is a pillar



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Downline is not a new term to many people who have been doing network marketing business. It simply means someone who is sponsored (brought) into the business to start working on his/her dreams. Sponsoring downlines in network marketing business is different from recruiting downlines because sponsoring involves mentoring and inspiring the downline brought into the business to build a long lasting business.

The reason we call a downline a pillar in network marketing is very simple, if you are to sell 100 products alone, it can take you long, but when you have 10 downlines in the network marketing team and you are to sell 100 products, this means that everyone has to sell 10 products. That is how important it is to have a network of downlines in network marketing business, each does little and everyone gets paid for the work he/she has done.

Having serious and courageous downlines in network marketing is having a very solid business that will never come back. The fact is, everyone wants to become successful in life but few people deserve to succeed most especially in network marketing business. There are so many people who want to attain the success and the results from online network marketing business, but not everyone can. There are so many people who join the network marketing industry on a daily basis and succeed and others also join but they do not succeed.

A downline who qualifies for your time in network marketing business

Of course not every downline deserves your time, there are many downlines who join network marketing business just to try. Such people shouldn’t waste your time. Always focus on helping people who are not wheelbarrows (who can work without pushing them)

Good downline in network marketing have the following qualities 

They are listeners

Joining network marketing business simply means venturing into a new industry, there is no compromise that you have a lot to learn in the new industry and the beauty is, most uplines are good people they are willing to support a downline until he succeeds in the business.

Listening to an upline is part of success in network marketing. You have to know that the upline has much more information about the business you are doing compared to you. Many people under look their upline claiming that they are not sharp, productive and fast. Sometimes it is true but when you get the right network marketing upline, listens to him/her because he sponsored you to help you succeed.


Being self-driven simply means doing whatever they tell you to do without waiting for the reminder. When someone sponsors you in network marketing business, you own a business. This means you have also to sit down every day to do evaluation on your daily activities, develop systems that you feel can help you realize your dreams and make sure that you do whatever you are supposed to do for your business to grow.

I find it hard to work with a downline who is not self-driven because, when I train you what to do, I expect you to do it because it is for your own benefit.

Action taker

There is too much training in network marketing business; the uplines tries as much as they can to teach their downlines all the skills they need to succeed in the business. Some downlines end up not practicing what they learn in these training. A good downline is that who takes action on everything that he learns.


Doing research in online network marketing business is something all people have to think about. The system that favors other network marketing business builders might not favor you and you will have to do research and create your own system.

The reason I started internet marketing is because I failed to do my mlm business offline. I had to do research of how internet marketing works and I have the results now. I did not wait for my upline who did not know anything about internet marketing all I needed was to do my research.


Being focused in network marketing business is a point I think most network marketing leaders have to emphasize; this is because of the exposure to many network marketing companies that come out day and night on the internet. When you get a massed up downline who does not value the opportunity he/she has, he/she will end up joining 20 network marketing companies each and every year. Emphasize the point of focus to protect your downlines from getting lost along the way.

In the conclusion, always sponsor many people and work with only those who qualify to take your time.


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