How to use a story (testimony) to build a network marketing business online




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A testimony is something very crucial in building a network marketing business online, naturally people want to hear how other people have made it in life, they don’t want to act as experiments but they want others to prove to them that an opportunity works. People who join network marketing business online always take time to find out who the right sponsors are by reading their stories before network marketing business and after joining network marketing business.


Many people have their network marketing stories on YouTube where people go and listen to them to find out how their lives have been transformed by the use of network marketing opportunity. For others, their network marketing stories are published through articles; they publish articles explaining how their lives have been transformed in network marketing industry.

You too can do it; you only need a network marketing website/blog and publish your story for people to get inspired to ask you to sponsor them in your network marketing business. Always remember that most people don’t join a network marketing company, but they join people. When you present yourself very well that you can help and support others reach where you are, they choose to join you. Of course this is done by sharing your story and some of your downline’s stories online.

The biggest challenge is many people don’t know that they have network marketing stories to tell, they don’t know even how to write their stories to take people’s attention. Let’s learn the steps taken to write a network marketing story to be published online for people to join your business;

  • Write briefly about your life before joining network marketing

This is very easy; you just have to write the way you used to suffer financially. Explain briefly how you could not live the kind of life you wanted to live and you could just live the kind of life you could afford to live. I know at least at one point in time, there has been a time when things are moving in the negative direction because of financial challenges. Just explain that to readers. In summary, write the financial challenges you were facing before joining network marketing.

  • Explain how you met the person who sponsored in network marketing

I doubt if there is anyone who doesn’t remember the first day he/she met the person that sponsored him/her in network marketing business. Go ahead and explain this process how he/she approached you and how he/she presented the network marketing business opportunity to you

  • What inspired you in the presentation to join network marketing

Almost 99% of people who join network marketing business join after attending a network marketing presentation, it is just a matter of writing about the person who presented the opportunity and how the presentation got your attention to say yes to network marketing.

  • What you have so far benefited

There is no need to tell lies about what you have benefited. This is where very many network marketing business builders who do their businesses online go wrong. They keep exaggerating too much. Just share what exactly you have benefited and why you think it is important to get such kind of benefits.

  • How you see the future (dreams)







Have you ever taken time to think about the kind of life you want to live with a dream car, a dream home, a dream vacation, and very many others? Why not write about such things in your network marketing story? This is something very easy; all you need is to come up with a dream chart. A chart with all the things you want to achieve in life and write about them in your story.

  • Call for action

This is a very important part which is left out by very many people who write their stories at the end of the story you have to put a link for people to join your team. The most commonly used statement is, “if I can do it, you can do it better than me, join me and change your life.” Is that hard? No it isn’t, anyone can manage to write it down.

Final thought

A story is something very important; it inspires people to join you. You can choose to have a separate page for the stories of your downlines as well.


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am as simple man very eager to learn new ideas more so when it comes to making money online through blogging.
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